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Officially 50 lbs down from pre-surgery weight, 65 from highest weight

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Yay! I'm about 7 months post sleeve. I haven't got down to this weight since I was 22 years old so that's pretty amazing! If I lose another 10 I'll be down to pre-pregnancy weight which I honestly never ever expected to happen

The hair loss did taper off, I can't remember if I blogged before but I ended up cutting it short (about mid-cheek) so that it was less hair to clean up. Now I have funny poky new hair growth at both temples LOL. But my face looks a lot better so I'll take that trade any day! People have told me I look a lot younger which is always nice to hear. When taking face pics (which I try to avoid if at all possible LOL) I personally notice the bit of saggy neck (now that it's not filled with fat, and this is a prominent family trait anyway) but others tell me it's not that bad.

I'm going on vacation this week to home state to see my fave band (Depeche Mode!) and visit family for FIL's 80th bday. I'm excited but also nervous because most of fam & friends have seen me at the over 200-lbs weight for the last 20 years. But also I stress about it a little because of all the questions ppl will ask and honestly I don't like to bring attention to myself ever.

I started a new job about 3 months ago and I walk for my lunch break every day. I still mostly drink the 2 protein drinks and sugar-free jello or yogurts during the day, then grilled chicken or slices of sandwich ham & cheese for dinner. These things go down the easiest and don't cause much esophageal discomfort (which for some reason scrambled eggs did).

My doctor was super enthusiastic & congratulatory that my A1c went down to the 5 range, the previously abnormal liver eyzymes were bank in normal range as well as all cholesterol levels (and that's been elevated since at least 10 years ago and possibly longer), and said I didn't have to come back for 6 months

I think the thing I have the hardest time with is avoiding Starbucks!!! But I remind myself about the big hurdles I've overcome and not to let that pull me down. I use sugar-free hot cocoa and Splenda in my coffee, with some protein drink mixed in as well (because I like my coffee very light LOL) and while of course it isn't nearly as good, it's not too bad. Winter was better for that than the current weather but I have a fan at my desk, and another perk is that having shed some of my extra fat I'm not as hot all the time as I used to be.

I've always had body image problems, honestly as young as 10 or so when I really was a normal size I felt extraordinarily fat. So even though the scale, and my clothes, and the measuring tape tell me my body looks better, when I look in the mirror I still hate it passionately. But I remind myself I'm 40 and had 3 kids so things like stretch marks and saggy skin are going to be a given and not to beat myself up about it. I think I'm in between a size 10-12 right now. Honestly I haven't spent much buying new clothes because I want to lose more weight first, and I figured since the 14s didn't physically fall off while walking that they were fine, but hubs was good-naturedly teasing about the baggy clothes and when we were school shopping for the kids talked me into trying on a size 10, and I was amazed they actually fit.

Oh, editing to add something funny I saw - if you're a female whose lost weight has also seen The Hunger Games, you'll probably relate...
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  1. Martini's Avatar
    way to go. keep up the good job that you are doing
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Jenny! Congrats on your success. I am going to say I think you need to be eating more real food and less protein shakes at 7 months post op, though. Just my thought. As for the boobs...yes....mine are so sad. They don't look too bad in a bra but boy when I bend it is like some hangy little shriveled up prunes. LMAO!! I can also relate to the hair growth sticking out all weird. The good news is it's growing, though. I have only told a handful of people that I had the sleeve. I tell the rest of the world that I eat low carb, portion control, and exercise. End of story. My business. I just did not want to deal with all the judgment. Good luck on your trip.