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60 days and counting

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So as of today I just realized I have 60 days to the T for my procedure.I'm very excited as well as scared shitless. I have been absorbing everything that I can as far as things to do, things to expect and things that just come however whatever. I think that I'm just anxious and ready for it to come you know my day to come and get here and be over with is this a normal feeling? how do or how did you react knowing that you only had 60 days left? two months that's all....

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  1. Tamera2's Avatar
    Hi Martini, I think what your feeling is totally normal. Sounds like your prepared and ready. Hang in there and maybe start a hobby or start an exercise routine if your not already. Try to distract yourself to help the time go. Luckily for me was I made the decision to have the surgery I only had to wait 3 weeks But I did spend 1.5 mos researching the surgery and different doctors and hospitals available to me. I was a cash patient. Good luck with your journey
  2. Martini's Avatar
    thank you so much .
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    I was so eager and ready to be on the other side of my surgery. I wanted my sleeve sooner rather than later. I wanted to start my journey to a healthier life. It is also normal to be scared.