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Donna Rudewick

Boot camp day 2

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Well day 2 went pretty good!! Not as sore today as I was after day 1. Although I did wake up around 2am Wednesday morning with my muscles screaming in pain when I attempted to roll over in my sleep. When they tell you that delayed onset muscle soreness hits in 24-48 hours after an intense workout they aren't kidding!! I had to grab the mattress and pull myself over. I just knew there was no way I was making it to class that day. But I did..
I hobbled into that gym and gave my instructor (Erin) an evil look. She busted out laughing and said she was glad I made it back. Even told me she was proud and impressed. To which I replied I already paid you so here I am.
The day started with stretches which hurt so good then a 200 meter run. Then the work started: 10 burpees, 20 kettle ball lifts and 30 box jumps. I did 4 rounds of that.
After day 1 I now know they are gonna throw some kind of evilness into the end of class. Yesterday's evilness was the row machine. Now it looks simple enough and non threatening but that's BULLHOCKEY!! We were told to row until the calorie counter reached 100. Not 50 rows or even 100 rows but 100 calories!!
I was the last one to finish but I finished! Then fell off sideways onto the floor lol. There was absolutely nothing left of me.
So another one in the books. I know Friday morning will be a bitch but I'm ready for it. So everyone have a great day and keep on keeping on!!

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  1. JLPSch's Avatar
    Fantastic!! Congrats on your hard work and dedication!
  2. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JLPSch
    Fantastic!! Congrats on your hard work and dedication!