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Just a few questions for those "lap-band to sleeve" revision patients.

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Hi, I am scheduled for surgery on Sept 29. I've had a Lap Band for 10 years and 12 days, and most of that time was positive. I had problems with PBing at nearly every meal, and vomiting almost daily, but the results were solid for awhile. I lost quite a bit of weight and got healthier fast. I was off the CPAP machine in about 5 weeks, which was a huge goal of mine! I went from 295 down to 210 (I would fluctuate maybe 5 pounds either side of that for years) and stayed there until fairly recently.

The Band has been giving me some problems lately, and so has the person giving me "fills" as they even missed the port once and shot fluid into my stomach cavity. I had all the fluid removed for 2 months and started over filling. I've never tolerated more than 2cc in my band. I am back to 2cc now and losing the weight I gained over those months of refinding the sweet spot.

I live in an area where I have to drive 65 miles now to get a "fill" and a general surgeon does it...who has very little experience with this stuff. I am at 226 pounds, back on a CPAP machine, night sweats, and ready to be healthy again.

I am not able to bring my family with this time because our forever daughter is busy in school. My wife is worried about me coming alone and hopes they take good care of me.

I have a few questions:
1. What are these "gas strips" and should I bring some?
2. Should I bring my own broth?
3. Can I wash my travel clothes there at the hotel and wear them home too so I can pack extra light?
4. What do most guys wear when up walking the halls? Sweats, shorts, PJs?
5. How much "tipping" will there be, and how much do most people tip the drivers? Do we tip the nurses or just the van drivers?
6. I have surgery on a Friday. With the revision surgery, how much time should I realistically take off before going back to work? I have a desk job in a hospital, no lifting, less than a mile commute to work.
7. Anyone else have to have hernia surgery? I don't think I need it, just curious how it went.

Thank. Jimbo

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  1. MARTA350's Avatar
    Hi.... I just had a lap band to sleeve revision on the 19th of Sept. due to band slipping & corrosion in my stomach. I cannot answer your questions, but would definetly advise you to have someone with you after you get released from hospital..The first couple of days are pretty bad with gas pain. Wishing you well.