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Tomorrow is my day!!

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Hi all,
We'll I made it through the pre-op diet! Down about 15 LBS IN 2 weeks! It was hard and yes I cheated a little but, with only bites of food. Not hog wild! I am SO tired of thinking about this procedure and being nervous! I am at "whatever". I have to be at the hospital that is 50 minutes away, at 5:00 AM!!! I am the first one scheduled tomorrow!! Yeah!!! I won't have to worry all day but I will get to recuperate all day! The time is OK. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight anyway. I can sleep tomorrow! I am SO thankful for all I've learned on this website! I will surely pay it forward! The next time I blog I will have my sleeve!! Thanks in advance for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! It might be all done by the time you wake up tomorrow. Surgery is at 7AM. All you have given me so much encouragement! Thanks again! Mary

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  1. Martini's Avatar
    congrats and im so happy for you. i still have until oct 20th to wait. Its killing me with the wait. well i will agree that this site has been a great help for me as well
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Yay Mary!! I knew you would make it. Hope your surgery was great and you are recovering well. Big hugs!
  3. CALI118's Avatar
    Thinking of you....hope you are doing well. I am about 3.5 weeks out since surgery. The first week was rough for me, but I just tried to walk a lot....CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. spyder's Avatar
    Congrats! I hope everything went well. ;-)
  5. Dm1intexas's Avatar
    Hope your surgery went well.
  6. jaylynn's Avatar
    Does everyone have to do a pre-op diet? Because I already lost 15 lbs with the nutritionist on a 6 month log for insurance.. Loosing more right before the op will put me below the min requirements.