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Pam G

Survived vacay!

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I never thought I would utter these words....not in a million years, but....


Got home from back to back family trips yesterday, and I thought for sure I'd gained at least 5 lbs. Turns out it was just shy of 5, so I took a diuretuc, a nap, and woke up 2 lbs lighter! Heehee!

But the weirdest thing is that It feels wonderful to not have to constantly think about and eat food now that I'm home. I've always wanted to be able to not constantly think about food (it's exhausting mentally), and the sleeve didnt change my constant obsession with food, but it seems like my brain might finally be working its way to thinking like a normal weight person....hopefully this is a permanent way of thinking in the making.

(Oregon in July is absolutely heavenly, btw. I've only been there once in the winter, but summer is just unbelievably gorgeous.)

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  1. RehabNurse's Avatar
    I'm glad you enjoyed your trips, Pam.

    As for the constant obsession with food...I personally think some of us are simply wired to be that way.

    After a lifetime of observing and being around naturally thin people, I notice they don't think about food until they're actually hungry. Their appetite regulation naturally works. Some of them even forget to eat, whereas I've never forgotten to eat in my 35+ years of existence. I've always ruminated over food even when not hungry.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Back to back trips and only gained 5 lbs? I would call that a win...especially since you have lost 2 already. The important thing is that you survived, had fun, and didn't go off the rails. YAY!!
  3. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    I understand about the food obsession. It ruled my life for too many years and now it's freeing to be able to think about food as just another aspect of living, not life itself.
    Good luck and you're doing amazingly wonderful!
  4. jamma's Avatar
    What a wonderful feeling! Before the sleeve, I could NEVER have gone on vacation and come back the same (or similar) weight. I also couldn't get through the summer, a weekend, a visit from a friend, a birthday party, a night out to dinner, an up, a down...you get it, I ATE and gained over everything!