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"My Life Began Post Surgery"

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Well, I missed my actual surgiversary date as it was on July 21st. I'm now 6 years post op and life has never been better! I'm maintaining the loss, exercise is a welcome addition to each day and I have an amazing job working in the bariatric surgery department of the hospital where I had my personal surgery...what more could a girl ask for...
I still come on this site and read posts from "newbies" who are afraid they won't lose, not losing enough, stalling, etc. My only words of advice, for those who care to heed them is, "Follow the program, lean into the lifestyle, and embrace the tool you've been given to improve your life." There are no miracle cures, secrets, etc.; it's just plain working it each day to the best of your ability. Sound too easy, it's not, but doable; take it from this soon to be 68 year old lady who had never been a normal weight in her whole life before this time.
Life is wonderful and I know in my heart that I've afforded myself the opportunity to live longer, healthier and am even looking forward to working in this field for as long as my body and mind will allow me to. I'm actually thinking about moving to Florida and seeking job opportunities there in the same field. See what someone can do after surgery.

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  1. GigiUSA's Avatar
    LOVE YOUR POST! How inspiring There certainly are NO LIMITS to what we can all accomplish with our new lease on life!!!! You look fantastic ~ I love the runway picture.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    YESSSS!!! You rock. Happy surgiversary Jerzeygirl! Thank you for all your wonderful insight and sharing your journey. Big hugs!
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Jersey girl, you're my rock here.

    Everyone, she is 100% correct. We are and can be as successful as she is. We just have to do what she said.

    Congratulations, jerzeygirl. <3
  4. MTMiller's Avatar
    What a great post!! Thank you!!
  5. Dm1intexas's Avatar
    Awesome to hear good news from someone that far out. I love that you are now working to inspire others. I have DM1 and realized I needed the weight off. Went on an insulin pump last year and had a hysterectomy...so I guess I am cleaning house, literally. My husband had the sleeve in December of last year and has lost over 100 lbs. Surgery date should be in Nov or Dec. I too am in the medical field....sometimes knowing too much is not a plus. Anyhow....thank you so much for your post!