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One Day and Counting...

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Well today we fly to San Diego and tomorrow is the big day! I won't lie...I'm so nervous and have been second guessing my decision, even though I have been so excited. Since mid-May, I've lost 30 pounds and got below the 50% BMI. I know I can do this without the surgery, but the last week or so I have not really lost any more weight, which is frustrating and I get concerned it is due to the low calories, which will not really change after the sleeve; however, I have to remember my reasoning for doing this...to provide me the tool to prevent binging. I still have a lot of mental work to do, but I am on my way.

Originally I had two friends joining me for the procedure, but they are also re-thinking the decision, which probably doesn't help my reluctance. I'm hoping once we get there, they don't back out. I was really looking forward to going through this with my best friends, as I don't have a true "weight loss" support system without them. I was adopted and my family definitely has different genes than me. They all can pretty much eat what they want and are sticks! Lots of fun! I want to feel like I fit in with them and so I know I need to continue this journey!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel this way, but thought I'd put it out there.

Wish me luck!


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  1. DesertGal's Avatar
    Wishing you a successful trip, surgery and recovery! I knew I had to do this for my health because I had gotten so large and had high bp, high cholesterol and crossed the line from pre-diabetic to being a diabetic last December. I went through 3 months of the mandatory weight loss/nutrtitonal classes required through my health insurance and was anxious, scared, questioning my decision, etc. But at the end of the day, I knew I coudn't lose the weight AND keep it off without the tool of the gastric sleeve. I loved food. I loved to eat and was never full, even after eating a huge meal. Within an hour, I wanted more. (I know why now... my surgeon took pictures of my stomach once it came out, in comparison to his hand -which is how he measured it for me to visually see- it SHOULD have been the size of his hand) and it was . massively LONG. No wonder I was never full!

    I am almost 4 months out from surgery and have lost 87 pounds, gone from a size 2x/3x in tops to a LG and 22 in pants down to 8/10. I am off ALL my meds and no longer a diabetic. It's been a struggle at times trying to get in enough water a day and adjusting to the smaller amounts of food I can only tolerate now, but I am happier and healthier.

    You'll do great. You're doing this for YOU, remember that.
  2. Shirl's Avatar
    Think of the many times you lost weight on your own... yes I have been there too. Being sleeved doesn't warrant that I will be thinner and lean the rest of my life, remembering that Sleeve and adopting a healthier and active lifestyle does! Don't lose track of that ever and you will do wonders for your body, mind, heart and spirit!

  3. PokerGuy's Avatar
    I see you have Dr. Almanza as your surgeon. He and his team are simply the best. You are in MUCH better hands that any surgeon in the US. They really care about each of their patients. I am 12 days post op after surgery with Dr. A. and had a BMI of 33 . I knew I was fighting a losing battle with my weight and decided to do something about it before it affected my health. You will be a new person and it's all so easy.. Dr. A is a great doctor and the nurses are also the Best.. Especially Natalie at the hospital. Tell her Ray from last week said hello.

  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hey Tara!

    It's normal to be nervous pre-op, I was sleepless for days...you will feel better post-op, when it's done and you look at a future with a slimmer version of yourself!

    I'm not adopted but was raised by two very slim parents, obesity comes from my dad's side, all women get huge after the first pregnancy. But we did spend more time with my mum's family and they are all very slim, so I understand where you're coming from. I was always the black duck in the middle of white swans!

    My children were very slim growing up, even with an obese mum, I always cooked balanced meals. My youngest who's probably sharing more of my obesity genes started to gain weight around the age of 8 like me. But I know more about nutrition than my parents did, and also do exercise with her.
    Since the surgery I'm able to do much more so I also take her with me to exercise more often, so it's a positive outcome for her too. The surgery can make a difference for several family members, not just the recipient
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    How did everything go? Did you and your friends all go through with the surgery?
  6. PokerGuy's Avatar
    Yes please update us