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About the timeline and UHC

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I have United Healthcare for my insurance, and my plan requires 6 monthly visits before approving WLS. Fortunately, I hit my high weight in December last year and mentioned it to my practitioner, who made notes that I was seeking to lose weight. Then I had a hysterectomy in January, and mention was made in my surgeon's notes of nutrition for healing and weight loss, as well in her February follow-up notes. So I was able to get quite a jump start that way- My actual surgery date was July 11. Lesson here- if you are considering WLS, get the documentation started pronto. If you decide it is not right for you, no big deal...but if you decide you want it, you will be so glad to save yourself agonizing wait time!

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats. Hope your surgery went well. I had 6 months with Aetna as well.
  2. Linda51's Avatar
    That's some really good advice! Medicare requires 4 months and some very detailed notes from the doctor. I spent 2 months waiting for my PCP to get the right information to my surgeon.
  3. califgirl's Avatar
    Congratulations to you!
    I have United Healthcare also. I do not have the 6 monthly visits, so I am thinking about going to Mexico because I was just diagnosis with severe sleep apnea and I really do not have time to wait six months.
  4. jcook2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Christie13
    Congrats. Hope your surgery went well. I had 6 months with Aetna as well.
    Surgery was fine & I am feeling pretty good now. I've been walking about 7,000 steps a day for the past 3 days and no more nausea, and no pain meds for 3 days. Much less pain & recovery time than I feared!
  5. WannaBeALoser's Avatar
    Very good advice. Good luck.
  6. meag1971's Avatar
    cool I know how you feel I had to do the same thing with united healthcare and and my surgery is being done august 14th 2017