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1 month PostOP

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Well guys. I was gone for over a month and I am sorry about the delay. Surgery went good.. well, actually it was great!

June 6th I arrived in MX and went straight to the hospital for my blood work. I was lucky enough to have my surgery first thing the next day (which was 2pm for them). When I woke up from surgery, I was scared they didn't do anything because I could not feel a thing. Then I realized, I had bandages on my tummy and I knew then I was good to go. They got me to my room and shortly after I was ready to get up and walk. The worst of the experience for me was the IV. Other than that I had no other complications. As for others, some threw up once or twice and then they were good. But I have to thank God and say that did not happen to me.
After week 1, I was able to get back to California and travel and site see a little with my sister. It was wonderful! Now I am back home and doing great. I did get a cold and the coughing hurt sometimes. But I tried my best to avoid the coughs.

Well .. long story short; I would recommend going to MX for surgery. I had a good experience and so did a lot of the people (new friends) that I met.

My pre-op weight was 311 at my highest for this year (319 end of 2016) at the start of my pre op diet.
Day before surgery I was 298.
As of now I am flexing between 278-283.
So total I have lost 28 lbs since my diet started and 15-20 since surgery.

I am nervous I am stalled already just 1 month into my ordeal. Although I have read this is very common .. I am still scared I will be fat for the rest of my life. I still don't eat a whole lot, but I have been eating some breads (carbs) and I shouldn't until 3-4 months post op. So I am struggling there. I cant get all the protein in and I cant drink the recommended amounts of water but I am trying to up all that. My biggest addiction is fruit and ice cream right now. Ooooh lord I pray for you to give me strength.
I am currently looking to revamp my meals. So I will keep everyone updated. I may even look into having a nutritionist help me as well as possible over eaters anon although I don't over eat .. I just have poor choices sometimes.

Anything else anyone wants to know, please ask!

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  1. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Great post! Glad you are doing so well. Remember.... Carbs are the Devil

    I wish you continued success! You will get your weight off and you are on the right track seeking additional help (nutritionist and counseling for food issues may be a good fit, you will know what is right for your) xoxo
  2. Martini's Avatar
    congrats and im so glad that your doing good. keep it up
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    Great to hear from you!

    One of the first my followup Bariatric surgeon asks me is "how much ice cream do you eat?" I always get thrown off by the question, it's like he is telling me cut the bullshit. Honestly, I eat ice cream but once or twice a month mostly. Well so far I've exceeded my July allotment lol! I had a small scoop of gelato today. Ugh! But to my defense I am in Miami and went on a walking tour and have walked over 15,000 steps today!

    If you can save the ice cream for once a week treat, after you have done several days of clean eating. If it is a problem that will hinder your choices I recommend seeking a therapist for your addiction.

  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Glad to hear surgery went well. Adapting the healthy lifestyle is hard but crucial to avoid regain. I also felt like I wasn't going to be successful bc I stalled and lost slower than others. But I kept plugging along and making good choices. Now I'm under goal and so happy.
  5. Donald G's Avatar
    Great to see all is well and that your are having very good success early on. Yes it is common to have a stall early on so stay the course and it will pass.
  6. carlaTX's Avatar
    So happy to see you are doing well and are continuing to lose weight.
    I also had surgery in Mexico, but it was July 7.
    When I arrived home I was very weak for about 10 days but then I discovered that if I ate poached tillapia with some dill weed and a little tartar sauce i felt more energetic. (Lap band revision, so everything that goes down is pulverized)
    I also had a very hard time getting down water the first week and a hard time with the shakes, which I am sure, played a part in the weakness.
    All that has passed, I am absolutely unable to overeat but I do still eat, however I am still a bit weak, although much better than before. I wanted to ask if you ever feel weak? Even walking about 3 blocks just wears me out.