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People are so rude

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This right here is one of the reasons why gaining any weight is painful for me. I post a fun picture of me with my granddaughter, and suddenly I'm "showing off my girls" just because I've gained a few pounds and they're out of control again. Why is it that anyone with breasts is considered showing off their tits when they put on a bathing suit, but anyone else is just wearing a bathing suit? God, it annoys me so much. This jackass has been harassing me about my boobs since I was in 8th grade, and somehow thinks it's ok. I wish I had the balls to tell him to fuck off, and that it's not ok. My body is my body and wearing a bathing suit is not showing off, it's living my life without shame. I don't know why I let that hurt my feelings, but it did.

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  1. Sandra3's Avatar
    If Jack the jackass is harassing you since 8th grade why do you keep him on your friend's list?

    You could perfectly send him a PM message saying that those kind of comments are not appropriate since you are not in 8th grade anymore and he should be respectful. If he doesn't apologize or take off the comment himself, just delete the comment and defriend him!

    I understand why you are upset. I think our western society put just too much attention on our bodies.

    All obese or ex obese do suffer at some point from some kind of racism or prejudice. I am not that big today but still overweight and have a hard time with people telling me know "how pretty I am now"...right because before I was a monster? When it comes from people I know well and they know how much I did struggle all those years it's usually " I'm so glad you feel better today"...others who have no idea just say stupid hurtful things....most times I just let it go because it's worthless, but a few times I did reply that "I'm still the same person inside anyway"..and I think my point was taken.
  2. HappyJoy53's Avatar
    People are indeed rude. Sometimes they mean to be and others they are just oblivious to how their comments make people feel. I'm not much for confrontation either but the truth is if you never point it out, they never have the chance to learn. A message like this was a picture of me and my granddaughter that I wanted to share with my friends. I'd appreciate it if you kept the body comments out of it from now on might do the trick.
  3. Pam G's Avatar
    I can't feel what you're going through, but your boobs are lovely! Mine are shriveled up and saggy, and there's not a bathing suit on the planet that can put and keep them in their place!

    be proud of your "girls". Lookin really good.

    also, cup half full: You gained a little wt., it could have been in your belly or thighs, or someplace you wouldn't want it, but you got in a place where women are supposed to.
  4. DesertGal's Avatar
    Some people are just born as ass-hats! There is ALWAYS someone we know or an acquaintance who we encounter who is that person. I love the picture of you and your granddaughter. He obviously thinks he's being Mr. Funny guy. He must be someone who you have tolerated all these years... otherwise I would tell him to knock it off.
  5. Katrina's Avatar
    Well, I handled it. I probably didn't handle it in the best or most mature way, but it's taken care of. I made a passive-aggressive facebook post with a side by side of the original image and an image of the offending private message. He saw it, took the bait, and wrote me again. This new message was a full apology. No excuses. Straight apology. Good for him. I accept it. Bet I won't be getting anymore of those messages from any of the bold guys on my Facebook that like to send ones just like he sent or worse. They now know that I will call them out, and next time the name won't be blurred like it was for the post I wrote today.
  6. Sammih's Avatar
    Block him, unfriend him, and/or tell him to STFU.
    Sounds like a perv. Some men never grow up. Don't let him take your joy.
  7. GigiUSA's Avatar
    I'm a large chested woman too. Even after my weightloss goals are met, there is a real possibility that I will still be a large chested woman. I agree with others.. unfriend him and PM him why. You need to be able to pass your strength and self respect on to that amazing, beautiful granddaughter of yours. There is no room in life for anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. Life is precious and wonderful. Stick with those that see it too and appreciate your beauty!!!! ( hugs)
  8. Christie13's Avatar
    Yup. I've heard comments about my "twins" since I blossomed in 7th grade. I remember all the "jokes" people thought were ok to say about my bigger chest. It's ridiculous that people think this behavior is acceptable. Sorry hon.