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Taking Back Control of My Life!!

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I found my groove back in 2012 and in 16 months lost 182 pounds. I did this with nutrition and exercise. But things happened, my ex went off the deep end and I wound up being a single mother to two awesome kids. We have not seen or heard from him in a little over 4-years, which is good since there is a restraining order. haha...(yes, I can amuse myself by this now).

He hated the fact I had taken control of my life and I allowed his behavior to take it away again! Well not anymore! I know I can do this on my own. This will be the third time I've lost over 100 pounds, but what I find is it always keeps coming back. Now I know that this is not an end-all be-all solution and I will still have to work, but this will help me with my portion control! That is what I need! I want something that will help me longer term and forever! I truly believe taking this step will help me get there for good!

I'm looking forward to my journey and plan to let everyone know all about my experience as I move along.

I look forward to getting to know people and for the support this site will bring.

28 days pre-op:
While I was only instructed to do the pre-op diet for 10-days, I have decided I will be doing a variation of the plan for 28-days, only allowing one small low carb snack in the middle of the day and the evening. So far I have been doing this for 6 days and I'm down 9 pounds. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 10-days pre-op I will follow the plan to a T.

I have had some ask me why I am doing it longer than required and these are my thoughts:

1. I want to get down below the 50% BMI before my surgery
2. I know this will help me heal faster and will be better for intake after surgery.
3. Why Not? I want to change, right? I am in the right mind set and I no longer want food to control me, I am choosing to control the food! I can't expect to continue eating crappy and too much and hope surgery will change that...because it won't!

So much of this is mind over matter, or over food rather. I am slowly realizing how horrible the food makes me feel and I on longer want to feel that way. Some people say...but I can't imagine not eating "whatever" ever again. I just want to eat and enjoy food.

Well I'm choosing to look at it a different way...what am I unable to do because I love to enjoy food? Water ski? Snow Board? Hike? Be active with my kids? Play volleyball, basketball, or softball? Be outside in less clothes than sweats and sweatshirts? Go shopping in the normal section and just grab stuff off the rack because you know it will fit? Not being embarrassed to be in front to people, or dance in the rain? Those things are what bring me happiness. I am realizing more and more that food does not bring those things to me...it takes them away and brings guilt and negative thoughts.

I want and am choosing happiness!!

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  1. Oregon45's Avatar
    Welcome! I am new to this site as well and post op a month. It sounds as though you are off to a great start to a whole new "positive" life ahead. Wishing you the best and looking forward to how your journey unfolds, it only gets better from here!
  2. Linda51's Avatar
    It sounds like you've got your brain in the right mode. I agree that there's no time like now to start eating healthier and preparing for surgery. My surgery is 2 weeks from today and I've started a modified liquid diet as well. I've already lost 4.5 pounds and my joints are starting to feel better already. Keep us posted on your progress.
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    Here is rooting for you!!!

    You got this!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    I think you will absolutely be successful. You have what it takes. You just need the help to keep it off. I know because I was just like you. With lots of hard work and perseverance I would lose the weight but keeping it off was always another story. Now I have reclaimed my life thanks to this wonderful tool. Good luck!!!
  5. Sammih's Avatar
    I loved reading your post. I too lost weight and gained it back. I was 247 when I started. Got down to 199 and slowly creeped back up. Today I am 295. It's not easy to say that in public but it is what it is. I'm excited for you to have a surgery day. I'm very early out. My first meeting with the Surgeon is July 17th. Trying not to rush it, I know it will happen when it's supposed to. We are also looking for a house right now so I'm staying busy with that. I wondered how my husband would be after I lost weight. He was fine, the same, the last time so I'm sure he'll be fine with it again. He might miss his drinking buddy though. :/ Womp.
    Can't wait to read more about your journey!
  6. Ann2's Avatar
    Best wishes as you head out on this WLS adventure!
  7. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Welcome to the site Tara! You are in the right place for amazing support and a wealth of information and experience from countless others traveling along the same journey. Everyone here is fantastic!! As you move forward, be sure to post your experiences so you can help others too. Most importantly ~ here's wishing you MUCH SUCCESS (hugs)

    I had to take a double take when I saw and read you post. We are definitely the same mindset . You are going to ROCK your sleeve!!!!!!!!