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First few days,,,,,

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Hello all, especially those that are scared of the process getting your sleeve. I was honestly terrified. It did not help when I was called and had my surgery time changed from first to second of the day. I did not need any more thinking time.

Looking back now I am laughing at myself, even though I know the fears were real to me as they are to you. I arrived at the hospital about 15 minutes before my scheduled check in time. Good thing was they did not have me sit in a waiting room long at all. I am guessing it was 10 min and they were whisking me through back halls pointing out the different areas I would get to visit, as if I remember any of the directions. We walked through two rows of small private rooms to a corner bed that I was told was Dr. Ferrari's favorite prep station. From that point I was pampered to the point of I started joking and laughing with the staff. Then the visits from the anesthelogist, hospital nutritionist, then the surgeon started. I have to say after those I felt once again like a cat on a hot tin roof. I would say it was about 20 minutes and it was time to be rolled to the operating room, AKA a small cramped closet. WOW the room looked like something out of star wars. I was transferred to this OR bed that looked like a rack from a ancient castle. My jokes started then. The ladies prepping me were in stitches. I was even asked if I minded a student being allowed to observe, I couldn't do anything bus say its cool and laugh after I about fell between the beds and I think I ended up pretty much exposed to the young lady. Then the nice gal told me it was time to take a nap, no counting or anything, next thing I know I was waking up in another room. I had very little discomfort, I was more concerned for the team that had to transfer me back to a bed.

So this blog does have a purpose. It is ok to be scared, just don't let it change the best decision your have started towards being healthy. Make it fun! I am sure the surgical teams appreciate it a lot when there are a few bouts of laughter seeing they see peoples fear every day.

I am now 4 days out of surgery and it is getting easier to drink the fluids needed to stay hydrated. It is crazy, I have already dropped 19 lbs from three days before surgery.

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Thank you for your post! It does help me pre-op to hear how others have traveled through the process! The waiting is tough. I only have a few more weeks though. Continued success to you my friend!!!!!
  2. Linda51's Avatar
    Can't say thank you enough for your insights. I'm still waiting for my surgery date, so no nerves yet. But, I'm the type to over-think everything and reading your post helps me direct my thoughts toward the positive instead of the "what if's".
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Glad to hear that you are recovering so well. It is going to keep getting better and easier every day. I can say that on the day of surgery I was more excited than scared. Only got a little scared immediately pre op as the anesthesiologist was hooking me up. Enjoy your journey!
  4. NewRay2017's Avatar
    So today is one week. I woke up to the scale telling me 282 and that is awesome. My (food Mood) has been horrible today. I will drag through the second week of liquids because just like a crummy job you can do anything for two weeks. I am looking forward to starting soft food. I think I already have a small cook book to work through trying so I do not repeat anything for a couple weeks.