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Almost 6 months out, first REAL stall...

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I know what I need to do to 'overcome' the stall (make sure I get my fluids in, redouble my efforts to get in enough protein, regular exercise, and patience) but I finally understand how frustrating this FEELS. I've read many peoples' posts about how frustrated they are with their weight stalling out for weeks at a time, I just never FELT their frustration until now.

I have been REALLY lucky and have not really had a stall until now... I had a week here or there where my weight bounced due to my menstrual cycle but this really is my first stall. I've been stuck at this weight for 3 weeks now. Yes, I have lost almost 80 lbs and am be SUPER grateful that this hasn't happened sooner; it just doesn't make it FEEL any better. Even knowing what I can do to overcome and get through this moment doesn't really help me feel better about it. I feel like I've done something 'wrong' to cause my weight to stall out, even though cerebrally I understand that the body needs to take this time (the stall) to adjust to the changes.

I think I'm going to go back to The Ask Dr A Show on YouYube and re-watch some videos to try and make myself feel better; maybe I'll even go re-watch some Clusie and ChemistryQueen on YouTube also.

Any tips on how to deal with the emotional side of the stall? Other than the aforementioned 'patience' part; I'm working on that.

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  1. yolymarie's Avatar
    I think you just continue to be you. You are always super positive and a super go getter. Just remember this stall will pass. Its just your body adjusting to the new lower weight one day it will say, OK lets keep moving!

    Good luck!
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    Stalls are expected and needed by our bodies but it's a real pain in the neck for our mental state.
    I mean even if I know it's temporary, somewhere it was always a reminder of all those failed diets.
    Until recently, because for some reason it's less stressful now than it was six months ago. May be because times goes by and I know this time it's progress for good! Also I had many friends being really supportive those past weeks and I think that the image of myself through their eyes is for sure helping. Looking at old pictures, trying on clothing too big also give a sens of progress, but exercise has certainly been the biggest help: be able to move more, not be tired all the time is priceless and does help a lot to feel better "in my new shoes" . For sure the emotional side is still here, as well as body dismorphia, but little by little it's getting better. Give it time and have high hopes! take care!
  3. TarotAces's Avatar
    Thanks yolymarie. I'll try and remind myself that it's temporary.

    @ Sandra3 I'll see if I can boost my mood with more walks or maybe a few little rewards (like @home facial, new nail polish, etc.) that may help me stay distracted till the weight starts to come off again.

    Going to stay positive, and remind myself that a stall isn't the END of the weight loss. I'm down 78 lbs, and I need to give myself credit for that, and a break from the negative self talk.
  4. Mominatrix's Avatar
    I understand the frustration. I found myself getting upset when I didnt lose a pound a day. I just took a step back and looked at the big picture. Healthy is the goal and that isnt always proved by a number on a scale. It sounds like you are doing the work. Stick with it and dont give up! You look awesome!!
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    Oh big hugs girlfriend!! You know everything you need to know. Just breathe and relax. It will pass. It is just absolutely frustrating to go through it. You know you are rocking your sleeve and looking great! YOU GOT THIS!!!! Take the time to admire your new shape and be inspired by the things to come! Sometimes we forget to stop and take it all in!