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Hair Loss!!

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Yup...it's happening and i'm not thrilled about the 3 month hair loss. I had a full head of hair when I was younger than after unhealthy dieting it resulted in massive hair loss. I became very conscious of my hair loss and started using hair extensions which made it worse. Once i realized how bad it gotten where it was thinning on the stop, I starting applying biotin shampoos and vitamins in my life which helped regrow some hair back. For now the hair loss is not too noticeable but seeing the loose little strands on me more often terrifies me. Hoping this will be short lived and will stop soon. Fingers crossed!

6/11- I'm trying to be positive but seeing how much hair loss to my already thin hairI is stressing me out more and making me very upset and self-conscious. It's took me 2 years to make it full and 2 weeks to destroy my hair, the scalp is visible again and I've even lost some on the hair at my temples!! My hair is strong but it's coming out from the roots. I knew about this but seeing it is a whole different experience. Wtf!! ....I'm very devastated.

6/18- Everything has been going smoothly after surgery but my confidence has disappeared from my hair loss. I've read it could last a couple of months to go away but I don't think I have a couple of months of hair left. Scattered once again. Before for being fat, now for being close to bald. Tried the wig yesterday and it just made me feel werid. I'm going through a lot of personal issues and this hair loss Has bad timing. I don't even feel comfortable going to the gym now which sucks. II shouldn't complain because I've been blessed to be healthy during my journey and I know it's just hair, it will grow back but damn I hate how it looks. What I hate most is the fact I can't do nothing about it but deal. Maybe i need more protein so I'll try boosting it up and see if it helps stop the shedding. Just needed to vent....

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  1. Mominatrix's Avatar
    I have this issue too. Its just started for me 2 months post-op. A stylist told me that worrying about my hair loss causes hair loss. Greeeat! Ever try Rogaine for women? Im thinking about it. Im interested in hearing ANY tips!
  2. Shirl's Avatar
    Here are my personal thoughts on hair loss: https://www.gastricsleeve.com/forum/entry.php?b=30720
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    It gets better and mine did not last too long. I still have hair loss but not nearly as bad and I can see regrowth. I take 10,000 of biotin twice a day. My hair looks a lot better now than it did 2 months ago.
  4. HappyJoy53's Avatar
    Thanks for this post. This thought scares me a little because my hair is fine and rather thin from thyroid issues.
  5. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Sorry Vanessa... I bet this is devastating to say the least! My hair gets a little thinner when the weather changes if that makes sense... so I too am concerned about what is going to happen after surgery. I have definitely taken advise from Shirl and Christie as I prepare for the dreaded hair loss issues. Best of luck to you!!! (hugs)
  6. Bothsidesnow2017's Avatar
    I too am a little worried about hair loss! My hair dresser told me to do the 3 step nioxin now to try and prevent it before it starts. Plus I am going minimal and avoiding flat irons and blow drying (doing the beach scrunchy look).

    Hang in there this to shall pass
  7. Vanessa7's Avatar
    Thank you All. Just be prepared if you have thin hair.

    I cried yesterday after showering because it's so bad considering my hair is so thin. I've been taking my vitamins and eating healthy so I know it's nothing I'm doing wrong... just one of the side effects of surgery. I Still don't regret the surgery at all because I feel and look great. I know this is temporary but it hurts my self esteem. Why can't we loose armpit or leg hair?? Anyways, I decided to buy a wig to help me ride this out. As soon as my hair stops shedding so much, I'll start applying coconut oil to help regrow it. I also added viviscal back into my vitamin regimen so we'll see. Thank you and good luck to those of you as well!