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Just 4 days!

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Oooo boy! I am so excited! And nervous...
Everything seems to be going well. I have ordered my vitamins. Although they will not arrive before surgery so I wont get them until day 10 maybe and I am supposed to start day 7. That's ok, I am sure the 3 days wont do too much damage.
My biggest challenge right now is I am dreaming of food I cant have! Literally I am sitting here at work and I am just imagining a bagel with a huge egg and some bacon with some yummy melted cheese on it ... and I cant have it.

My actual pre-op diet is going well. Well .. I think it is. I am supposed to have 1 protein shake for breakfast, 1 protein shake for lunch, 3-4 oz of meat/protein and steamed veggies or salad with vinegar type dressing. If I am still hungry I can have a protein shake or bone broth and sugar free jello.
What I have actually had:
Protein Shake, Protein Shake, Chicken and salad with ranch, snack: .8oz beef jerky and a cup of cucumbers
Shake, Shake, Zucchini noodles and 4 meatballs, snack: beef jerky again and a tomato w/ ketchup (yes, ketchup .. its amazing!)
...my point is, I am not having the normal snack I should and I really hope this is ok. I also missed 2 days my "lunch" shake and went straight to dinner and didn't need much else after that and my snack. I did better today. I had the recommended meal plan except the .8oz jerky snack.
*For anyone post op and cheated on their snacks .. was this acceptable to your doctor? I chose healthy choices .. just not the liquid ones they wanted.

Well .. I am around the corner. 3 hours left at work and one more night of a 12 hour shift and then I am off to GA to see my family and then my sister (she is my support) and I will leave Tuesday from Atlanta to San Diego for my life long start to my journey of a healthier and better me!!

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    I was not perfect on my pre op except the 3 days immediately pre op that I was to only have protein shakes and other liquids. I did not divulge it to my surgeon but he did not ask either. I think you will be fine. It's not like you were stuffing your face with McDonald's.
  2. Mominatrix's Avatar
    My pre-op diet was 10 days of all liquid. I have to say I cheated as well. I tried to be sensible about it and "cheated" by having yogurt and thin cream of wheat type stuff. I heard some Dr's dont have their patients do a liquid diet and was praying mine would tell me the same, but no! Please update us on how you are doing now! Congrats on the surgery and a new life.
  3. Teresa5's Avatar
    We're do I find the pre op diet? I hope you will share all the details of your trip, surgery, Dr, I will head to Mexico on Oct 26 my surgery is Oct 27. I'm so nerves I've paid but have rescheduled twice. I promised myself if I don't go this time I will just live the way I am yet that isn't what I want to do any information would be greatly appreciated
  4. GigiUSA's Avatar
    (hugs) I am SOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo excited for you!!!!! I can't wait to hear how your surgery went, your experiences with the whole process in TJ.
  5. memorywander's Avatar
    It went well. I will post. Sorry about the delay!!