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12 left

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I am so excited. I received my itinerary in an email tonight. I can not believe there is only 12 more days to go before I have surgery. 2 days before I start my diet (which I am not looking forward to).

The fat me does not want to start this liquid diet. I have to have a protein shake for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, and a salad/veg and meat protein for dinner. I can have some sugar free jello and broth and things like that for a snack if I am really hungry. I am so nervous I will fail. I don't want to, and I usually have pretty good will power when I really set my mind to it. But, we all know we are not getting surgery b/c we don't like food.

I am just trying to mentally prepare myself now for the lack of food/diet as well as trying to decide on what all I want to (or not want to) bring on the trip and still what I want to wear for my "before" pictures. I am so excited though.

Everyone that is reading: what were/are your must haves for the trip/surgery? Things you wish you brought? Things you didn't need?

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  1. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Down to 12 days!!!!! Can you believe it!!!! I am getting close to 30 and just can't wait to get to Mexico and be on the other side. This is the list from the Weight-loss Agents. You may have already seen it, but I include for you just in case. Can't wait to follow your progress on the site. Good luck to you (hugs)

    Gas X Strips (not the pills).
    A heating pad: Pack your heating pad where it can be easily accessed after surgery.
    An extra long extension cord for your heating pad just in case you need it.
    An app of your preference on your phone for when you are on wifi, to freely communicate with your friends and family (and make sure they have the app as well).
    Lip balm or chap-stick.
    Slippers to wear around the hospital.
    Warm socks.
    Loose fitting clothing (shorts, t-shirt and comfortable pants).
    Rolling luggage to help facilitate "no heavy lifting". Pack light.
    Hibiclens: This is a popular skin cleanser to bathe with before surgery and for the first week after. Your local drugstore may have it or something similar, if not, search for a small bottle of it at eBay.com
    Alcohol swabs or lotion: to use to take the adhesive off your skin.
    Steri-strips (butterfly stitches) - keep them at home for when your stitches are removed, apply them for a few extra days.
    Pill crusher to assist with taking your medicines on your journey home and/or after you get home.
    Perhaps a couple of flavors of bouillon cubes in case you might want them for the day you are traveling home and after you get home.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    You are one of the easiest to do pre op diets. Mine was the same except the 3 days immediately pre op were liquid only. You can totally do it!! Good luck!
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    I did not travel to have surgery, but I have traveled often afterwards.

    Firstly, congratulations on your decision and sending you the best of wishes for safe surgery and travels!

    I highly recommend you ask your surgeon's office about anticoagulant injections, as mentioned I didn't travel far at all for surgery but my surgeon warned me that I would bruise easily for at least the month following surgery because he loaded me with enough anticoagulant medication to avoid blood clots. I invested in a post surgery compression body suit and compression stockings because I had already planned in advance a celebratory trip to Aruba a few weeks after surgery. I ended up canceling, but did air travel a month later on several shorter trips.

    Unless you are traveling with someone else don't carry anything heavier than 5-10lbs (my surgeon didn't even want me to carry a gallon of milk the first week!) Your surgeon may need to write you a medical note to get help at the airport (hopefully it's standard practice).

    I still carry single servings of high quality protein powder in case I get in a bind. You are allowed to carry those through TSA. I have had problems with vascular edema after long flights so high sodium is a no no for me. Compression socks or stockings definitely will help. Get up often to stretch your legs.

    I know people think wearing loose fitting clothes after surgery is the right call, but actually the properly fitted compression garments actually aid in the healing process.

    Get plenty of rest between now and then, the more relaxed you are the better the faster the healing.

  4. Doodle_mom's Avatar
    My pre-op diet was all liquid. I wished I could have had a meal a day, but now that I'm passed that phase, it wasn't so bad. Going through it was a different story. I found it challenging, but this whole journey will challenge you to some degree.