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19 Days left...

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*eeeeek* Its almost time for surgery. Its so weird to think it was 2 months ago already then I started my journey of researching a place to actually have my surgery to actually paying the deposit to now only 18 days left until the day. I am super excited.

Also, because no one knows me in real life on here.. I am happy to say: I smoked cigarettes since I was a kid. I am 33 now. This surgery has already helped me to a healthier life. My Doctor said I had to quit smoking at least 30 days before surgery. Well, I am happy to say... I QUIT 1 month and 4 days ago. I will be almost 2 months smoke free on my surgery date. I am so happy with myself and hope to continued success in staying smoke free.

I have two friends getting married soon and I have had to go clothes shopping for outfits to wear to the weddings. I keep looking at things and thinking to myself "not much longer and you wont be this size anymore". It does however still suck that I am buying clothes right now and hopefully soon after I wont have to wear them anymore. Would have been nice if they would have waited until after my surgery. haha I'm kidding.

So other than prepping for that and working almost every day until I leave for my surgery, the OCD in me is kicking in and I am starting to think of a list of things I need to start packing for my trip. Wanting to make sure I have everything I need/want to have during surgery. I want to take all my measurements soon also. I will make a blog post of all that too later so that if anyone is interested in seeing my changes in my journey. Maybe seeing what changes can happen will help someone else decide if this is something they need/want also.

OK, done ranting. Hope everyone has a fabulous day! And to anyone getting sleeved today; Good luck!!

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    And pictures!! Take before pics in a bikini or bra and panties or at the very least something snug and short like a tank top and short spandex shorts. Then track your progress every 2 weeks with pictures in the same things no. I did that and love it. My only regret is my first picture was 3 days post op when I should've done it before my pre op diet.
    Wow just 18 days. You're going to be shocked at how fast it passes. It's an amazing gift. Just be sure to follow a healthy post op diet and focus on protein then veggies. It has to become a way of life and the sleeve makes it easy to do. You still have to change your mentality though. Good luck on your surgery!!
  2. memorywander's Avatar
    Yes, I planned on doing before and after pictures. I didn't think about doing it in 1 outfit every 2 weeks though .. and I didn't think about before the post op diet. Thanks!! I will surely do that. I start Sunday. 1 week exactly left before the diet. I am so excited.
  3. elle77's Avatar
    So happy and excited for you! Definitely take lots of pictures. I took some the day before surgery, the day after surgery and then every two weeks. you start seeing the changes. I really love taking the pictures now and noticing the differences. It's the best! Can't wait to hear all about your journey!!!
  4. GigiUSA's Avatar
    Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you that your surgery is only 18 days away AND you quit smoking!!! That is fantastic. I completely understand about compulsively planning and thinking about surgery... I have actually started dreaming about the future journey at night. I have trouble waking up in the mornings because I want to stay in my dream LOL

    Best of luck to you ~ I know you will do wonderfully!!!! Please keep us posted on your journey and progress!!!! (hugs)
  5. memorywander's Avatar
    Thanks Gigi! And I know .. I love dreaming of what is to come. Trying not to dream too much and make my expectations too high. But I am constantly thinking of when and where I will go to start working out. What are some better meals I can do that I will still enjoy and of course ... the new clothes and where I will be able to start getting them and the sizes! ahhh! Its soooo surreal. I will definitely keep everyone posted!