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Absolutely thrilled!

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I am blown away...just absolutely thrilled! I broke out of the 270s this week! Weighed in Monday at 267.7 which brings me down 65.3 pounds since my initial visit with my surgeon!! I swear...I almost cried! It was the icing on the cake after this last weekend. Went out with some friends to celebrate a friend's birthday and wore a shirt that I've only ever worn once. Bought it 3 years ago, wore it, saw pictures of myself wearing it and refused to wear it again. Tried it on this weekend and, even in pictures, actually liked what I saw!! I received so many compliments and so much encouragement from people. Friends were absolutely amazed at the changes in me both physically and in my level of happiness at my current success. I'll try to add a picture from this weekend...but, I'm not entirely sure how to do so, lol.

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  1. jeanahelms28's Avatar
    That is amazing!
  2. GigiUSA's Avatar
    GREAT JOB NuseJessie!!!!! What an accomplishment.
  3. Trastan's Avatar
    Congratulations! I imagine that was a great feeling!
  4. JLPSch's Avatar
    Congratulations! It's amazing how much better we feel physically and mentally after losing weight!
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    You are doing great!! Isn't it such an amazing feeling to wear something and actually feel good in it? Keep up the great work! Proud of you!
  6. NrseJessie's Avatar
    Thank you everyone! The support here is incredible and yes, it was a great feeling. It is amazing though how other people can be condescending as you lose weight. I have a friend, a supposed best friend, who, each time I refuse to eat something, not just because of the sleeve but because I know it's just not good for me, she makes snarky comments. And, days later, will still make comments like, "oh, you can't/won't/don't eat that anymore". Also, I ordered a shirt online similar to the one I wore last weekend that I mentioned in my post, and she actually made the comment, "oh, look at you actually wearing sleeveless shirts. You get a couple of compliments and suddenly think you're on fire". Well, you know what? YOU'RE GOSH DARN RIGHT I'M ON FIRE!!! And, I'm not going to let a so called friend extinguish that fire!!
  7. Ann2's Avatar
    Good job, Jessie!

    Ignore that "friend." Don't waste the head space she's taking up. Spend it on you and all the joy you're feeling about getting healthier!
  8. Pam G's Avatar
    I bought a shirt years ago that was too small, but I loved it so much, I wouldn't get rid of it.

    A few weeks ago I tried it on thinking it should fit by now. Sigh. It's TOO DAMN BIG!! I never got the chance to wear it.

    I'm not getting rid of it though, cause I still love it! LOL