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8 Weeks Out Post-Op

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Well, it is 6:50am and I have spent months eyeing this forum for information and suggestions for my recent gastric sleeve procedure that I had on March 2, 2017. After reading so many positive reviews from a forum that I would consider a possible trusted source. **blindly, maybe? I decided to move forward with the surgery.
I had planned it perfectly and with the timing and recovery I would be right back full-time as a productive member of society. And of course move on to maintain my schooling.
The after surgery period was difficult for me. I seemed to have more issues of pain and nausea than the other girls laying in the recovery room.
I tried to pay no attention to it. I do believe this was a first sign of trouble. But with that excitement of finally fitting into a smaller pair of jeans, I believe I may have been blinded from good decision making by the thought of fantasy that nothing could possibly go wrong.
I didn't pay much attention to the "what if" a complication did happen. That is where the discounted price is counted in. For much less money you get to take a roll of the dice on your own life and anatomy. In hopes that you have a full uncomplicated recovery. Or atleast only a few complications.
Right now I think about the 2 ER visits, extreme and debilitating GERD issues, stomach pains, dehydration, and the spiral state that my stomach currently stands at. Also, a lesion found on my liver, and more.
Yes, I have lost 50 pounds. But only to the absence of any food and some liquids. I am so sick I have had to pull from my classes and cannot make it 5 minutes sitting at a computer without retching/vomiting. My current state is nothing less than serious. Two months and I have not functioned but only a week.
No response from the doctor or offices or concern. I am holding my tongue. But until then I will continue to find a solution to these complications that are so painful I cannot fall asleep.

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