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13 weeks out, having some hair loss, almost 40 lbs down, got new fam pics

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I've lost 38 lbs which is wonderful and even better than I hoped I would do with the surgery. This puts me a little over halfway toward my goal.

I've had 5 previous lower abdomen surgeries so my flabby stomach hasn't changed a whole lot, but I expected that. I've lost 5 inches at my waist but only 1 inch at the yucky "pooch". But I've gone from a sz 18 being tight to a sz 14 being comfortable. My goal is to lose about another 25 lbs.

I've always lost a lot of hair when I shower probably because I do wash my hair every day which I know isn't great for healthy hair, but if I can't shower in the morning and wash my hair I just feel gross the whole day. I've tried using a shower cap and just showering my body but I still don't feel "awake" for the day. Anyway the last 10 days there has been quite a bit more hair which is freaking me out a little, even though I told myself to be prepared for that and not get too upset by it. I'm trying to remind myself summer is coming and it will take less time to blow dry and all that!

Honestly it's mostly the disgusting cleaning up the hair that's the worst part for me. I kind of have a thing about hair anyway, like I hate to see a stray hair anywhere, so cleaning my bathroom floor morning and night has become a bit time consuming.

I've been taking the multivitamin every day plus a biotin supplement; however, I just realized the biotin said the serving size was 3 capsules and I had only been taking 1. So today I'm starting 3 and hopefully that will help. The crazy thing is, the hair on my legs & pits has never seemed to grow so fast but that's not where I want it!! I've even noticed skiwampy eyebrow & eyelash growth because they're pointing out funny directions that they didn't used to. I just want to not have so much come out every time I brush my hands through my hair!

But I remind myself about the almost 40 lbs I've lost, not to mention the health benefits and 2-1/2 less medications I'm taking every day (only 1/2 metformin a day now - yay!). My husband didn't have surgery and hasn't been hitting the gym like I have (45-50 mins 5x a week) but also started a low carb, low calorie meal plan at the first of the year and he has actually lost 30 lbs as well! But he has always had a fast metabolism so I'm not too surprised. Everybody keeps asking what we're doing and I say it's mostly cutting out carbs.

We got family pics taken because my oldest daughter came to visit from out of state. We hadn't had pics for 4 years so we definitely needed an update! I was a little bummed when I saw the proofs because I still look like I need to lose so much, but again I remind myself to focus on the positive! I've also noticed my neck/chin is a little "saggier" which I think is because I am 40 now and my family has a pretty strong double chin trait, but when I was heavier it was just full of fat and didn't hang so much haha. So I've been doing facial yoga exercises I saw on Youtube


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  1. fatima's Avatar
    congratulations! and those 25 pounds will come off in no time. mine is May 11 in MX and i cannot wait to join the losers
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    I lost a lot of hair too for a few months, but it will grow back, no worries. I used Topik to cover the spots (keratin powder, Fusion is also good).
    Skin did look bad for a few months, especially at the beginning when we lose the most, but it did bounce back a lot.
    With time everything gets better, but I noticed that when I was able to reintroduce omega's in my diet again (around month 6) my skin really improved a lot in a few days.
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    The hair loss and saggy skin will get better. I doubled my biotin to taking 10,000 mcg 2X a day when my hair was coming out a lot. It sucks but it gets better. Mine luckily did not last too long. And yeah, I have to shave way more frequently than I used to!