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One month post op, but The last 2 weeks, I have felt sick with no energy

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Okay, I am one month post op and now have lost 48 pds. But, the last 2 weeks, every time I eat I get nauseated and sick. Many times I throw up or get constipated or bloated. I cannot pinpoint what food might be making me sick because everything I eat makes me sick. I thought about going back to liquids, but the thought of broth makes me sick. Yuck! Please if anyone has any suggestions let me know. It makes me sad because after my surgery I had a ton of energy and felt so good!

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  1. Mickey93250's Avatar
    It is totally normal! I went through the same thing when you change from liquid to soft. I am lactose intolerant so if I ate anything with dairy it would be worse for me. Your body is adjusting it will pass. Keep up the good work!
  2. Rkchildress's Avatar
    Thank you!
  3. After30's Avatar
    I am about 7 weeks out and going through the same thing. I wake up feeling nauseous...so I am reading the responses....I want to know that this feeling is normal��...please tell me this sick��feeling is normal������
  4. Trastan's Avatar
    I had my surgery a few days prior to you and find I have days like that as well then suddenly I have have days where I feel like I can eat anything. Two nights ago I couldn't hold in water and the next day I could eat hot spicy chilli. I find it is very hit and miss. One thing I did do was to go the pharmacy and get a good ant-acid and that made the world of difference. I take one in the morning and it is long lasting. I even noticed it was much easier to get my liquids down. I noticed that when I was getting sick it was more of just a slime. It didn't seem like it was the actual food so I figured maybe it was more acid reflux then anything.
  5. Tommy1969's Avatar
    I am 2 months out. Are you taking bariatric vitamins? I also do a b12 spray in morning. I take Miralax as well for constipation. I mix it in Core organic drinks. Are you getting all your protein? I drink 1 premier shake a day (30 grams), and oikos triple zero Greek yogurt (15 grams). I also drink 1 low sodium V8 a day. This is keeping my energy up. Best of luck to you!
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    Eating foods is an adjustment. You have to eat very slow and make sure you do not overeat. And dang 48 lbs in a month is a lot. Congrats.
  7. azladyrider's Avatar
    Referring to Miralax Walgreens has their own brand which is a quite a bit cheaper
  8. HillsdaleAlix's Avatar
    Could you be dehydrated? I have a heck of a time taking in enough liquids and I have ALWAYS been dehydrated (so I'm used to it, I think). Dehydration from drinking too much alcohol is a major cause (THE major cause?) of the nausea from a hangover, so perhaps try to take in more liquids and see if that helps? I don't like cold drinks (and even less since surgery), so I mix diet oceanspray (various flavors) with water and heat that up. I like the fruity drink flavor -- like herbal tea without the tea. Let me know if this helps. I'm curious.
  9. Annie31's Avatar
    I have been having similar nausea issues - and I think it is due to the antacid medication - omeprazole (losec) - it has a 1 in 10 chance of nausea. I stopped it last week for a few days, and it went away - but the acid reflux came back, so I started again on Friday, and the nausea has returned today.

    I had used Ranitidine before the surgery without problems, so I am going to try and take it for a while and see if it will work again. I have struggled to eat any spicy foods since surgery, so getting pretty fed up of a bland diet.
    Will keep looking to see if any other answers help too - thanks for the suggestions.