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Dr. Visit tomorrow

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So tomorrow my daughter and I go see the surgon. I know we will be signing papers for surgery but not sure what else. I am hoping we get our surgery dates and presurgrey diet. But i dont know what to expect. I am so excited.

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  1. DesertGal's Avatar
    I had my final appointment with the doctor 2 weeks ago and had surgery last Friday. It's like a whirlwind! Best of luck to you!
  2. Christymarsden76's Avatar
    Thank you! How are you doing since surgery?
  3. DesertGal's Avatar
    I never needed any pain meds in the hospital or at home. Nausea and barfing was bad for me. Especially the nexus morning when I was taken for the upper GI to check for leaks. It wasn't pretty, LOL!
    I'm just super tired today, 5 days out, and I think I may be hungry if that's possible.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats! Such an exciting time!