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Trying out dietary changes pre-op

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I've been doing all the reading and information gathering that I can, waiting impatiently for my consultation so I can make plans. It seems that every surgeon has their own pre-surgical protocol so I can't know what Dr. Glatt will require until I meet with him. I can try to start eating healthier now though.Yesterday I "ate" (drank!) only liquids. I wasn't hungry but I constantly felt the urge to go get something to snack on. It kind of makes me wonder exactly how much I normally eat/snack.

Yesterday I had 3 cups of chicken broth, 4 16 oz bottles of water, 3 14 oz mugs of coffee, an 8 oz glass of V-8. I added half and half (about 1 Tbsp) to each mug of coffee. I know that I can't live like that, there was basically no protein in my diet yesterday at all. If I want to keep this up I'm going to have to find a good source of protein.

Today I have had a 14 oz mug of coffee, a 16 oz bottle of water, and 2 cups of "potato soup". This was actually instant mashed potatoes that required 2 cups of water, but I added 4 cups to make a sort of thickened soup. It was pretty tasty. My husband works from home and he ate the other 2 cups for his own lunch.

I'm going grocery shopping in a little while. I go every Friday. I have added a few things to my list. I'm going to get Greek yogurt (just a big tub of unflavored kind), and a friend of mine offered me most of a bottle of cherry flavored pro-stat. She opened it a few days ago and doesn't care for the flavor. She has a wound and is using this supplement to help her healing. It has 15 grams of protein and 60 calories per ounce so I think it will be very helpful in getting in necessary protein while I figure out how else to get it in. She gets these bottles from her insurance company and apparently they are quite costly so I'm not planning on using it long term. I'm also planning to get some Carnation instant breakfast, so I better pick up some skim milk. I'd love some more liquid protein ideas though!

I have gone through many odd diets in my lifetime on my quest to permanently lose weight, and I recognize the feeling. In the beginning, the hope, and the willingness to ignore any unpleasant hunger pangs or other side effects. I want this to be the last "weird eating" thing that I do, ever. I want this weight loss to happen, and to be permanent.

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  1. jcook2's Avatar
    **of course I realize that the eating I have described above does not constitute a "healthy diet"...but it is healthier than the way I've been eating, or I wouldn't be in this predicament.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    I would recommend waiting to see what your doctor says. Especially since insurance has a lot of rules. I don't know your BMI but I had to be careful not to gain and also not to lose more than 10 lbs before approval because it would have put me under the 40 BMI which was a requirement for my insurance. Also, your surgeon or nutritionist will provide you a list of foods/drinks that are recommended. I know you are eager but insurance is a fickle thing. As for good sources of protein...I liked EAS Advant Edge shakes, Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt, nonfat milk added to creamed soups, cottage cheese, eggs, any meat with broth added and used with a food processor. Really you can eat just about anything. I have had no issues with any foods since surgery. Some people do have issues.
  3. jcook2's Avatar
    Thanks Christie. My BMI is around 47- I am 5'7".
  4. Shirl's Avatar
    I was under 40bmi on my initial visit I am also 5'7". I had been recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, so that was a required co-morbidity for folks 35-40bmi in my insurance.

    I had lost 19lbs at day of surgery. No problem. But I did take a role of quarters and took heavy clothes just in case lol!

    I made all kinds of protein shake concoctions from fresh and organic foods.

    A favorite was and still is my homemade mŘesli soaked overnight, peanut butter protein powder, Tera's Whey chocolate protein powder, nonfat Greek yogurt and nonfat milk or sometimes almond milk.

    I found MuscleEgg egg protein drinks not too long ago and I love love love it! The chocolate caramel is amazing as is the cake batter flavor which you can cook with.

    Another protein supplement that I love is RAW Fit for weight loss it's a vegan base protein. The coffee flavor is delicious as is the plain flavor too.

    Another favorite is NAKED Protein but it's on the pricey side.

    I love ice tea, and I drink Isopure Protein Drink, Black Tea w Lemon almost every day. I buy in bulk at the Vitamin Shoppe.

    You can get protein from real food sources like beans, lentils, lean meats, poultry and fish, tofu, eggs and dairy, and some vegetables have smaller amounts protein. Some grains like Quinoa are rich in protein.

    Have fun with your food creations!
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    I think there's no need to focus on a liquid diet right now.
    Until you meet your surgeon and know what they want you could just start with "balance".
    Lot's of fruit and veggies, lean proteins (Greek yogurt is one!) lot's of fish, chicken, turkey,eggs and small amount of healthy carbs. All the positive changes you will make for you will also benefice your family.
    Protein are really important post-sleeve and without it you could lose part of your muscle mass (less muscle/lean mass= lower BMR).
    I did my own pre-op diet before doing the surgeon's pre-op. In a few weeks I lost slowly 11 pounds, then 8 more during the surgeon's diet.
    I learned over the years that crash diets just hurt my metabolism. Diluted mash potatoes are doing nothing good for you, neither is V8.
    I took many nutrition classes and just finished a few months ago a serie of three university classes before starting a full time program. Nutrition is a field changing everyday and it's very interesting. What we learned only five years ago is not accurate today!
  6. jcook2's Avatar
    Shirl, I am really happy to hear about the isopure iced tea- I love iced tea and have been sort of pre-mourning the loss of the caffeinated drinks I'm used to drinking pretty much all day long. Thank you for the info!
  7. jcook2's Avatar
    Sandra3- I am aware that the things I listed do not constitute a healthy diet and I am not committing myself to a liquid diet now- just sort of experimenting at this point out of restlessness! Thank you for the information
  8. Christie13's Avatar
    I was not required to give up caffeine. As a matter of fact, I started drinking my daily non fat latte's from Starbucks (w/Splenda) 1 week post op. Granted I would order a tall and it would take me a long time to drink it but I did. After all, non fat milk has protein in it as well and it made me happy. Now that I am 20 weeks out I drink a venti but it still takes me longer than it used to.