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7 days post op and need some suggestions

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I had my surgery on March 10th and it went quite well. I woke up feeling like I had an elephant sitting on my chest, but was up and walking once I got back to my room. The mouth swabs were a life saver for my dry mouth and no water or ice chips allowed.I went home in two days and am recovering slowly. I feel very tired with no energy. I'm drinking two protein shakes and water. The shakes that I loved prior to surgery are making me nauseous.I'm going to try the instant breakfast. I got some V8 which tastes good to me. I also got squash soup and split pea to try. I have similar adversaries to taste and smell as when I was pregnant 40 years ago. I'm hoping to add some mushy food following my Dr.'s visit on Thursday. Do any of you have any suggestions? Sugar free popsicles are tasting way too sweet!!

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  1. Belle22's Avatar
    My sense of taste and smell was very heightened, and some foods were a total turn off. You just have to experiment and find foods you can tolerate that are legal on the plan. Even the shakes that were good prior to surgery were disgusting. I kept calling my nutritionist and she made some suggestions here and there that helped. Eventually I was able to eat some of those foods again several months post op. I am now 1 year and 8 months out.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    The only things I tolerated well after surgery was savory flavors. I had broth, creamed soups made with nonfat milk, tea. And then with the soft foods stages you can start adding a bunch of other stuff in. Eventually I could tolerate sweet flavors again. It will get better with time. Just focus on staying hydrated and getting as much protein in as you can.
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    I did well with already made drinks (AMD) like Premier Protein chocolate, I could not stand the taste of the vanilla, but I did use it a lot as coffee creamer. I also found Tera's Whey AMD tastier, but a little more expensive.

    I had a lot bone marrow broths and blended with miso soup, after a week or so I started blending the tofu and seaweed as well. I had lots of lentil soups and even Dal!

    I had a hard time with eggs for quite a while. I loved cottage cheese and avocados.

    I continued shakes well over three weeks. That was the only way I met my protein requirements.

    Wishing you continued success and healing.
  4. JillyT's Avatar
    I had trouble too. I may not have been the perfect patient, but the things I did worked well for me & made me feel a lot better. I started having teaspoons of peanut butter. Just a little bit here & there really helped me. Also, the super soft laughing cow cheese, and some spoonfuls of avocado. Also refried beans with avocado & sour cream. I also got French onion soup & strained it, & put some non flavored protein powder in it. The shakes just become intolerable! Hope some of these ideas help. Good luck.
  5. Tamera2's Avatar
    Your lack of energy maybe from dehydration. Make sure your following your doctors food schedule. If you stay hydrated you should start feeling a lot better soon. Hopefully in the next week.
  6. Katrina's Avatar
    I did well with boiled potatoes to the point of mush and just drank the soupy part with a little butter and salt.

    I know everyone says no, no, not carbs, but if you look at my stats, you'll see I did and still do just fine without ever cutting out the carbs.
  7. esmeraldareyes's Avatar
    i have a question for you ladies i had surgery on march 10 and my stomach feels swollen/bloated like pregnant is that normal . I'm taking ice chips and popsickles for the inflammation . is it normal since you guys been through this . please let me know if its normal at 8 days pos-op? thank you for the support
  8. Regina Booker's Avatar
    No not normal go see Dr.