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Airplane travel. Help!

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I am a few months PreOP and was pondering a few things. The fat kid in me is worried about traveling and what I am going to eat since I will be on the strict pre-op diet plan. I am flying from FL to CA and from there we are traveling to Mexico.
Anyone else that has had to fly know what the rules are for travel and have some good advice as what I can do to make it more comfortable there and back? I am curious to the allowance of bringing back medications and liquids on the plane since I assume the 3oz rule is still accurate. I really don't know the rules .. and at this point I am exhausted of research and reading since all I have been doing for the past week is reading posts, forums, blogs, web pages and watching youtube videos about the surgery. No one really mentions the little things in between ...
Any help is appreciated!

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  1. Fatbgone's Avatar
    You're restrictions will of 3 oz will still be in place. Take what you need in a carryon, and check the rest. A prescription won't help.
    I didn't find flying uncomfortable. What are you worried about? Food? Drinks?
    You could bring some powdered chicken broth and ask for hot water. It will be high in salt, but it won't hurt anything.
    I will be flying again in April and this time I won't need a seat belt extender. Yeah!!!
    I flew from Kansas to California and then was driven to Mexico, so I did not travel as far as you. I did not eat anything on the flights and only drank water. I did have broth in Mexico. It was so good after not eating all day.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    You've already been given good advice above. Just take protein powder and broth powder and you will be just fine. You can purchase water in the airport during layovers. You can also have hot tea.
  3. Tamera2's Avatar
    I traveled to Mexico for surgery. You can bring 3.4oz of liquid meds per bottle. if refrigeration needed use frozen solid ice packs and put in a sm cooler. I bring all my meds on plane. I never check them in my bag because of the possibility of them being stolen. Keep all meds in original containers. I never have problems when I've done this. They sometimes want to scan them. Has for foods or drinks. I drank my protein drink before we went through security then continued on clear Liquid diet. Brought soup cubes and got hot water on plane or restaurant in air port. You can get clear liquids on plane, airport stores, restaurants. On way home after surgery I ate a jello before security and ones through a bought water, juce and hot water to make broth. Remember to walk and move around on way home from surgery. Good Luck
  4. memorywander's Avatar
    Thank you all for the information!
  5. CALI118's Avatar
    I flew 2 weeks per surgery. I bought a premier protein shake with me. I fly often and do a TSA precheck. I told them I had protein shake for medical reasons. If you say "medical" they were okay with it in CA. I had to open the shake in front of them and then they ran vapor testing on it. Just a testing strip over the liquid. Good luck!
  6. azladyrider's Avatar
    When I came back from Mexico I also had gotten some OTC liquid stuff and I think since San Diego TSA is so used to seeing medical people coming through they know it's medicinal. I had no problems - they did test it all but no problem
  7. PokerGuy's Avatar
    I Also had liquids over the 3.5 oz. They just vapor tested it. Just make sure and separate it from your luggage. Bullion cubes are great and I would just order hot water on the plane. I also flew from Florida through Baltimore to San Diego. 7 hours.
  8. angelamurn's Avatar
    The best advice you could get is to prepare yourself better than needed. Get more money than you need and the stuff and medications you should have. Don't worry, there is nothing stressful about flights, it is just that beginners are very afraid. You will get used to it. I have traveled with my dog several times after registering him at Emotional support animal guide, and what I learned is that by doing something for the first time, prepare yourself as much as possible. Even if it is too much, you will not have to worry, and the next time, you will know for sure what you need.
  9. Tuaret's Avatar
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