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Help! I ate French Onion Soup

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I am having gastric sleeve surgery on Friday and I ate french onion soup. I didn't eat the bread, but ate the onions and cheese. This is the only cheating I did in this two week preop liquid diet. How will this affect my surgery? I'm so mad at myself!!!

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  1. Shirl's Avatar
    Talk to your surgical team. I ate a few bites off a taco three days before surgery and they moved my surgery from am to mid afternoon to make sure my stomach was empty.
  2. Melissa888's Avatar
    You're fine. No worries!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Considering a lot of people have no pre op I would think you are fine. My surgeon specifically said my stomach needed to be empty and the 3 days right before surgery it was important to be on liquids. But once again, I have seen no post op whatsoever so it is best to advise your surgeon as Shirl has suggested.
  4. Katrina's Avatar
    You will be fine. Seriously. Just make certain that for at least the 24 hours prior that you follow the liquids only.
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    We all have different pre-op diets, mine was two shakes and one light dinner (protein and non starchy veggies). Because I lost more than my surgeon was expecting me to lose (did my own diet prior to the pre-op diet) my surgeon told me the night before surgery I was able to eat whatever I wanted for dinner even have dessert! No full liquid!! I didn't go crazy, just had some grilled chicken. I was fasting from midnight until surgery the next morning. So tell your team, you will feel better, but really, you shouldn't worry. In many countries the full liquid prior to surgery doesn't exist.
  6. superbitcaj81's Avatar
    I didn't follow a pre-op diet. I ate what I wanted to say goodbye to junk food. My surgery went well and I feel great, 3 weeks out now. As long as you don't eat after midnight the day before your surgery you will be fine.