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6 weeks post opp doing great

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MY surgery was 1/18/17. Down 48 lbs from hw
Someone suggested I try compression sleeves to help with my arm flab, has anyone tried this. I work out with weights but my arm wings are flapping

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  1. Shirl's Avatar
    Gabby, it is all relative.

    What be sagging to you might not be to me. I learned to love my body flaws and all. If I believed by losing weight I could look like I did before three kids, and 29 years of yo-yo weight ups and downs, I would be labeled crazy.

    I wish I didn't have sagging inner thighs but I do. All I can do is send them love every time I look in the mirror. I know each day I am getting healthier and that part of my body is just not keeping up, I know I ruined my skin by xyz and all I can do is nurture what I can. If wearing those sleeves will make feel better and proactive then wear them. I wear Spanx type under garments and love them!

    If I could afford surgery now I would totally do it!!!
  2. Tamera2's Avatar
    Hi Gabby, I've never heard of what your talking about. I do know it takes more time than you've been working on this problem to improve or disappear. Don't know what your surgeons rules are but I can't start low weights till i hit 6 weeks and 8 weeks for more heavy weights and abdominal work. You might talk to a trainer at your club for exercises or go on you-tube and look up exercises that others found helpful. keep up the good work : )
  3. HillsdaleAlix's Avatar
    No amount of exercise or compression garments is going to help with excess skin. The only cure is plastic surgery. That was made all too clear on the recent episode of "Skin Tight" on TLC channel. The guy started out over 400 lbs, because a body builder and wanted to be in competition, but the skin issue was horrendous. And he was relatively young. 30's I think.
  4. Gabby2's Avatar
    Thank you
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    You can get some improvement in appearance by using weights but not a lot. Most of it is genetic, age, and how much weight you've lost. Good luck.