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Lap-Band Revision - 1 month update - Dreaded Stall

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Well, today is my 1 month surgiversary. I weigh at 183lbs. I have lost 15lbs since surgery day. I am experiencing my first stall. I haven't seen the scale move in a little over a week. And although the weight loss appears to have slowed down, my NSVs are numerous. My size 12/13 jeans are loose. My large tops are all looser. In terms of measurements, I can my tummy is flatter.

I know the stall is inevitable and that my weight loss would be slower. I also haven't resumed exercise, which is really crucial to getting those lbs off. I think this week I can start to incorporate some cardio. I will wait another 2/3 weeks before incorporating weight training. Once I can get things moving along, I will be right on track. As for my diet, I do need to increase my water intake. I have added a tracker on my phone. I am still unable to eat very much, but when I do eat, I focus on my protein. The other day I had a realization after taking a few bits of salmon. It just hit me that I would never be able to eat normally. LOL. I laughed at it because that is what I needed. So, I definitely have great restriction. And it's different from the lap-band restriction that always felt like it was in your chest. With the VSG, it's really my stomach that is just too full. I still need to learn my cues. Because they're very different then with the band. So, it's relearning. I have had a few times I have gotten uncomfortably full, but it was too late. Guess that is just part of the journey.

Overall, my recovery has been pretty good. Do I have any regrets? None, whatsoever. I really should have gotten a revision sooner.


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  1. superbitcaj81's Avatar
    Congrats on your loss, stalls do suck. I hope to do as well as you have in a month. I'm not sure about the whole "when can you start doing what", but maybe try some pilates if you wanna start light. I used to do pilates and it really strengthens your core and flattens your tummy.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Yes...when you get too full it is not pleasant. I still overdo it occasionally and I am 14 1/2 weeks. And I remember my stall around week 5 as well. It will pass but in the moment it is so discouraging. Even when everyone tells you it's normal. Congrats on your success so far!
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    Hi Belle,
    The best way to make sure you don't eat too much is to measure your food. I was at 1/2 cup for at least six months post-op. Don't drink 30 mns before and after your meal. The first weeks are a little confusing because you need to understand you new stomach but you should be fine very soon. When hungry or full at had the hic hup for weeks.