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Not quite 3 weeks post-op

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Just a quick update after 11 post-op days:

I've been doing REALLY well at staying at or below goal on my macro's (90+ protein, <30g carbs) and calories (approx. 600-800 a day) and water intake (at or above 64 oz on liquids)!

I also made a decision a few days after my last post here; I'll be following a friends post-op guidelines instead of what I was given. The info I was given was DEFINITELY really lenient, and questionable as far as 'okay' or not at whichever stage post-op.

Pretty sure I'm going to be one of those people that have the 3 week stall thing happen; only lost 2 lbs at 2 weeks post-op weigh in (10 lbs. the week before, and 17 pre-op) and I FEEL lighter but am pretty sure I've REALLY slowed down or maybe even stopped losing for the moment. Which, I understand is part of the process and just means my body is adjusting; which is good.

Will update again in a few days most likely.

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Completely normal for your weight loss to be a little wonky in the beginning and even to stall. I felt frustrated early on like maybe I wasn't doing something right but I am losing very steadily now. I've followed my surgeon's paperwork on my new lifestyle. So it totally is not a diet....a new way of life. And I love that I have a lot of energy and am looking great. Do you have a good vitamin regimen? I know that getting in the right nutrients is super important but also hard especially in the beginning.
    When are you cleared for exercise? Do you have any goals for that?
    Congrats on getting all your marco's, calories, and water intake in!! That is phenomenal considering you are only 3 weeks out. Very impressive! I know you are going to be successful. You definitely have wrapped your mind around the changes.
    And let me say this as well....I am proud of you!
  2. Leslieann's Avatar
    Way to go TarotAces!!

    Sounds like everything you're doing is great! I had such a hard time getting in all my liquids, etc.

    Now, almost a month, I'm able to eat my poached egg for breakfast, etc. Tonight I had salmon and it was great!!

    I'm dreading the stall...I know me. I'll feel like I'm not doing something right too. I just have to keep signing onto this forum to get my encouragement!!!
  3. Shirl's Avatar
    Remember to take body measurements. It can get frustrating to see weight loss not registering on your scale, but taking monthly or bi-monthly measurements will probably show continued loss and keep you motivated. I went from 20/18 dress size to size 14 in less than two months!!! Now I'm size medium and holding at size 10.

    I'm on a true stall since my scale and my measurements haven't budged much since the Holidays.

    I'm still grateful and static with my results, I know from here on it's my commitment to a lean, healthy, active, and mindful lifestyle that will help me stay on program and eventually get me to my weight goals.
  4. yolymarie's Avatar
    I'm so proud of you ! Sounds like you are doing great. Hang in there I had a 1 pound week its a little frustrating but I'm just moving forward ..
  5. superbitcaj81's Avatar
    Don't forget that high protein intake builds muscle! So your body could just be replacing fat with muscle and in that case the number on the scale won't move.