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Greatest decision ever!!!

One Year Surgeversary!!!!

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And just like that!! Boom!! One year already!!

My highest weight was 192, as of this morning i am 120 lbs !! I am a size extra small in tops and a "0" in jeans!! My BMI went from 36 to 22. I have never been this small. I was 115 lbs when I was 18 but still a size 6. I've lost all my curves but I am happier and a better person now! This surgery literally saved my life and saved my marriage! Sad but it's true, in a way my husband seems to like me better in bed, then again it has a lot to do with my new outlook in life. I am no longer constantly dieting and my daily migraines completely disappeared post surgery. My mood swings have improved.

I can finally see my body small, I no longer feel fat and that is my greatest accomplishment!! For a long time I struggled to see what other people were seeing!! Now I look at myself in the mirror and feel great and proud of my body! Yes, I seriously need a breast lift, butt fat transfer and a tummy tuck. Currently getting radio frequency therapy once a week on my abdomen area to somehow make my skin stick to my muscles. I know it will never be the same but hopefully it helps a little. I am also getting facials once a week with special treatments to reduce sagging skin on my face because I used to have a really fat face. I am only planning on doing the breast lift with augmentation once I'm in maintenance mode. Hopefully sometime soon because I'm done with weight loss.

Anyone who's out there afraid to do this , please find yourself a good doctor, get well informed and don't over think it!! My only regret is not having done it sooner!!

Have a beautiful day everyone and cheers to all my fellow sleevers!!

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  1. Shirl's Avatar
    ✨Congratulations, Liz!!!✨

    I'm so thrilled for you seeing yourself as the beautiful being that you are and always have been.

    There is something about seeing ourselves that is sexy. I do feel more sensual on different levels.

    I do daily facial and skin rituals too. I'm swearing to macadamia nut oil these days, I went to tour a farm while I was in Guatemala and I bought a few bottles of the oil. I use a few drops of it to add to my body and facial moisturizerers and I feel my neck and thighs have improved.

    I went to a cosmetic spa/clinic to ask about help with loose skin, they have all kinds of noninvasive lazers, but I opted to wait a little while longer. It was costly!

    Wishing you the best for the upcoming year!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Congratulations on your anniversary!! So glad you are at your goal! That is going to be such a great feeling and I cannot wait to get there. I know exactly what you mean about liking yourself. While I am not where I want to be I have come so far and am really starting to see myself in a new light. I feel beautiful. That is such a great feeling to love yourself. I know it is not all about weight but liking what you see in the mirror is definitely a perk!!
  3. Ann2's Avatar
    Congrats to you. I think I know how you feel.

    I'm so much older than you -- 71 years old. But age has nothing to do with this feeling. It's wonderful!

    I started at 235.6 pounds. I've lost 100 pounds and kept it off for over a year now. Nothing feels as good as losing all that weight, creating a new, more active, healthier, happier life, and then not losing that new life.

  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    Happy anniversary sleeve buddy! You've been doing so well!! congrats!! I'm very happy for you.
    Wow size XS and 0...you are wearing the same size my 15 years old wear :-D good for you!!
    Enjoy your new figure! you deserve it!
    I think you should no worry about your skin, it will bounce back, since you have reached your goal it might take six months to stabilize.
    You are doing great doing facials and taking care of yourself, it's a great way to also feel better in your own skin.
    I've been using rose hip oil for many years, I started 22 years ago after an accident and reconstructive surgery. It was not on my face but the plastic surgeon was amazed that my scars almost completely faded away one year later. So since that time I use it at night, right after my shower and a quick spray of organic rosewater that I use as toner. I also take omegas (3-6-9) and it's doing it's job on my skin. That and also Evening Primerose oil capsules because it does help my hormones (I take it for 14 days from the beginning of my cycle). Sometimes after I'm done with Primerose oil I take coconut oil during winter. When I couldn't take any capsules of oil for six months post-op my skin was all dry even with all oils and lotions on the outside. It came back to normal after only a few weeks of omegas/other oils.
    When I saw the plastic surgeon two months ago for my tummy problem I asked him what he thought about my skin/neck. He was nice and said I didn't look my age. I told him my neck was really saggy compare to pre-op but he said that I should be patient. He told me the best thing to do was to always have sunscreen on, which I've been doing for the last 15 years. So may be in six months I will have a better idea of what the damages are for me too....Let's cross our fingers!!!
  5. jenny53669's Avatar
    That's a great accomplishment, way to go!
  6. Donna Rudewick's Avatar
    Holy Cow!! Congratulations to you!! ������
  7. Beautiful's Avatar
    Congrats to ya !!