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Yoga Pants Recommendations Needed!

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I'm working on getting back into the gym, and need some recommendations on yoga pants that won't highlight the cellulite on my thighs! My legs have always been my problem area.. Especially after losing 100 pounds! Are there any brands that you are crazy about?

Thank you!

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  1. Shirl's Avatar
    I just bought two fab fitting medium size workout tights at Costco for only $14.99. Loved them!

    I was about to buy some on sale at Lululemon, but if I'm still losing (xing finger & toes) I'd be throwing away money.

    Ps... ✨��Congratulations!�� On your weight loss!✨
  2. EsikaElektra's Avatar
    Thank you, Shirl!!
  3. Yellow Rose's Avatar
    I love Target yoga pants. I've never paid more than $20 a pair and they have them in different lengths. Love 'em - sometimes sleep in 'em.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    I love Nike brand.
  5. EsikaElektra's Avatar
    Thank you!
  6. Sandra3's Avatar
    I like the one from Walmart (Danskin bootcut dri-more), I only take the black ones because the grey do show some ugly bumps on my legs, I lost a lot and my legs are quiet bad right now...even if it's getting better. I bough several different sizes during my last trip In March and so far the quality is great and price is even better. I didn't want to put money in those to wear it only a few months.