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Three Years Ago Today!

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Today is my three year surgiversary! I cannot believe that it has been three years since I had my gastric sleeve surgery. My life has changed exponentially! I am no longer a hermit, staying in the house. I am out in the world, traveling (recently returned from Dubai), meeting friends and really enjoying my life. As I said in previous blogs, I decided that I would follow what my surgeon and his team told me to do to the letter. I really think thatís why I have not had any problems. As my surgeon told me the sleeve is not the miracle drug, you still have to put in the work. I go to the gym and take dancing classes which I love. Find a form of exercise that you really like, something that you will keep up with. Enjoy the journey. Best wishes to those who are sleeved and those yet to be!

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  1. Ann2's Avatar
    <3 Kenson! Congratulations on your three-year surgiversary.

    You are one of my heroes here. Thank you so much for hanging around and being real.

  2. sraebaer's Avatar
    Congratulations friend! I think us old-timers need to get together sometime, wouldn't that be fun? I'm at 3 years 3 months.
  3. Merry Mary's Avatar
    Congrats and happy 3rd surgiversary. Great job and good advice about finding an exercise you really like. Then it won't seem like work.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Congrats!! You sound so happy!!!
  5. Shirl's Avatar
  6. Sandra3's Avatar
    Wonderful!! congrats!
  7. Andrea Zeeuw's Avatar
    so awesome .....happy for you and looking forward to my new tool on the 18th of January
  8. Clayjax2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea Zeeuw
    so awesome .....happy for you and looking forward to my new tool on the 18th of January
    My date is the 18th as well.
  9. kenson's Avatar
    Thank you all!

    Andrea, Good Luck! You have come to the right place for encouragement and advice!

    Ann2: Thank you so much for your kind words. So glad that you're doing awesome too!
    sraebaer: Isn't it funny that now we're old timers???? So glad that you're still around and doing well. Would love to meet up one day! That would be awesome!
  10. Jeanne Loves the Sun's Avatar
    That is awesome and inspirational! I'm glad you're loving your new life! I want to be just like you!
  11. one4sailn's Avatar
    Congratulations!! I'm right behind ya! My 3 years is on March 6th. Proud of you...Isn't this the best gift we could give ourselves?