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Home one day. Can't stomach the antibiotics crushed up. Severe vomiting. Suggestions,?

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    I don't do well with crushed pills either. I didn't take any crushed meds. All my prescribed meds were liquids. Can you ask your primary care or surgeon for liquid antibiotics?
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    I was cleared for tablets right after surgery. I only took my PPI at that time, on day 3. I tried the liquid form of paracetamol a few weeks later and was almost sick too. There's not way I could have crushed pills, if the taste is awfull I can get sick. I tried the crushed pills after the liquid paracetamol....at the end I took coated capsules. It went down much better.
  3. yolymarie's Avatar
    Thanks I'll try it
  4. barbaradear1's Avatar
    I didn't take any of my pills crushed, but I am used to taking them with very little water anyway
  5. yolymarie's Avatar
    Thank you
  6. Pam G's Avatar
    Oh lord those were nasty! I just broke them in half and swallowed with a gulp of wAter, but if you're not an expert pill taker, You shouldn't risk it.

    they were giving me meds at the hospital in pill form, so I figured I could do it at home, too.
  7. kristie2's Avatar
    Not saying to do this with doctors permission. I not taken any vitamins scene I had surgery my doctor figured out my stomach can not handle it. I go in every two months for blood work if not normal I get a shot lucky my levels are always good. Talk to your doctor and see if they have suggestions. I totally understand feel better soon.
  8. Mags2113's Avatar
    I crushed mine and mixed it with applesauce. It was still gross, but way more better than putting it in water. (Oh what an awful memory!! I hope I never have to crush pills again!!!)
  9. TarotAces's Avatar
    Good to know; I am having a hell of a time with the crushed and in a shot of water method. It's soo nasty it's hard to swallow it. At least I know it's an OPTION to just take the pill (I also can usually take pills with little to no liquid).

    Hope you're doing well Yo!