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New Baby!!!

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I've come to a realization is that my new tummy is like a baby. I have to take care of it and treat it well to ensure it doesn't get sick or worse. I talk about it in weeks. My "baby" is 9 weeks old. I have to make sure it is getting the proper nutrition because it doesn't know any better. I like to brag about it to people who show interest. I like to be in "mommy groups" with others so we can discuss our "babies"! Do I need to go on??
Ok, so I know that is cheesy but it really is like this new life form. So very different than from our old tummies. So many things we need to do to ensure we are nurturing it and not ruining it. It is work. I know people keep talking about how others have called this the easy way out. While it is a more successful way to lose weight, I would not call this easy. There is a lot of planning and thinking that goes into this new way of life. Especially in the beginning when you can barely eat. Eating is crucial so you don't get sick. We need our nutrients that are not always easy to get in.
There are things that are important to me right now. I say right now because my baby is only 9 weeks old and we all know as babies develop things change. I can't say what it will be like with my baby at 6 months or a year because this is my first baby. So right now, being able to sit down for a meal and have ample time is important if I am eating solid foods. If I do not have the time to sit and allow myself to eat slow and digest, I will not be able to get in enough food. I cannot just eat in 5 or 10 minutes and call it a meal. The exception being is that I can have a protein shake on the go or possibly a low carb protein bar. So that is a major change for me. The good thing is my husband does not mind sitting down for a long meal. He likes to drink a beer and relax as he is eating so it works.
Another thing is that I have to always be prepared to have a plan to have foods available to feed my baby. The worst thing you can do is try to give a baby something it shouldn't have. Like I wouldn't give a real 9 week old a candy bar, I am not going to give my new "baby" foods that don't provide it optimum nourishment. So protein and veggies are the new "formula" or "breast milk" if you will. Always need to ensure you leave the house with food or a plan so that your baby can be fed properly.
Back when my real babies where babies I always had a ton of things in the diaper bag. What if the baby gets sick? Needs a change of clothes? Is cold? Is bored? We kind of have the same thing going our with our tummy babies. I always have some kind of protein in my purse. Nuts, protein bar, pouch of tuna. I have also learned to bring antacids and anti nausea meds just in case. Don't want to be out and have acid reflux or nausea kick in. Can completely ruin your time out.
And the last thing about my baby, is it dictates my socializing just like a real baby. I have to think how my baby will act in that situation. Is this a good situation to have my baby in? Obviously as a good mother I don't want to do anything bad for my baby. Don't get me wrong. I socialize. I go out. I enjoy time with my friends but I have to adapt. Going out to happy hour? I do not want to go there and munch bar foods. If I know there is nothing I can eat on that menu then I have a shake before hand. Went to a NYE party that was all appetizers, finger foods, sweets, and booze. I knew that going in. Made sure that I had my dinner before hand. I still had a nibble of cheese and other things I could have but did not have to worry if there was food for my baby. I already took care of her!
So I want to tell all you new parents out there congratulations on your beautiful babies. Enjoy them! Treasure them! Love them!! Because all the love and affection we give our babies now and as they continue to develop will ensure they will take care of us in our golden years!!

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  1. sraebaer's Avatar
    Plus you have to eat like a baby, tiny portions more often for that new tiny tummy!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Hahahaha! Yes!!! LOL.
  3. Cherub's Avatar
    Christie, Great post for the new year! For those of us who were not great caregivers of ourselves (that is me), I like the thought of my sleeve as a new born. I get up tight and stressed about my sleeve at times. If I try to relax and think of it as a new born, I may can tap into some more compassion. I like that you said to enjoy the new baby and love them. That will be a great new year mindset. Thanks for the post.
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cherub
    Christie, Great post for the new year! For those of us who were not great caregivers of ourselves (that is me), I like the thought of my sleeve as a new born. I get up tight and stressed about my sleeve at times. If I try to relax and think of it as a new born, I may can tap into some more compassion. I like that you said to enjoy the new baby and love them. That will be a great new year mindset. Thanks for the post.
    Glad you liked it. It is true that we need to take care of it...especially if we want it to continue being effective. I definitely do not want to be one of the people who falls off track and reverts to all my old bad habits!
  5. Cherub's Avatar
    I have been eyeballing my food since I started on the healthy eating phase the last few weeks. I would use a tablespoon and scoop out some and say oh thats a tablespoon even if it was rounded. That did not go super smooth as I know I over ate or did not chew well enough a few times and I really felt the full switch. I did not like feeling that full. So today I took better care of my baby. I heated rotisserie chicken in broth and weighed it on a food scale (had to find it and then dust it off ) then weighted the chicken to 2oz and then weighed my roasted brussels (small mount olive oil and sea salt). Turns out 3 brussels is one ounce. I pulled off the outer leaves and cut off the stem after they cooked and they went down great . Now I have 18 more brussels that I can have at other meals unless my husband gets to them
  6. Christie13's Avatar
    I haven't been weighing but I eat very slow. It only took a few times in the beginning to realize I also hate that feeling. Oddly enough, I feel like I'm still getting full on very little.
  7. jamma's Avatar
    I had a bad experience yesterday. My husband and I went to an early basketball game, then to meet friends for socializing and early dinner. I had had a protein shake before the game, so I thought I would be all set and not feel famished afterward. When we got to the bar/tavern, we ordered drinks--I had a soda water, then a second. We sat down for tavern food and I was so hungry I ordered wrong. I ordered a cuban sandwich. The people we were with don't know about my sleeve, so I wanted to act "normal". Well, the combination of being over hungry, having had club soda and taking two quick bites of sandwich were very bad. I could not eat any more and everything kept coming back up, but I was stuck at the table trying to act like I was full (which I was).
    I should have ordered an appetizer, or let our friends know about the surgery, I don't know what else, but it's a mistake I'm not going to repeat!
  8. Christie13's Avatar
    Also carbonated drinks are very bad for you at this point. My nutritionist told me to specifically avoid them as they make your tummy feel full and bloated. I tell people that I am now on a low carb lifestyle and intend to be until I meet my goal. So I don't get any strange looks with my low carb Atkins Lift protein bars in my purse. I keep it in a Ziploc because I can only eat a bite or two then I seal it back up. And I try to find anything on the menu that is healthy. Fish, chicken, steamed veggies. I know you were in a bar. I have had mozzarella cheese sticks in a pinch. Just pick the breading off and eat the cheese so it is not too bad. Or I will eat the meat of a chicken wing and not the skin. My husband and I always have a plan as to how to order. We usually get a meal and an appetizer and "share" so it is not so obvious. So far no one has batted an eye. But yes...not being prepared will leave us feeling super sick. It only takes one time to never do that gain.
  9. Leslieann's Avatar
    Haven't ventured out yet, but I'm thinking that planning ahead like Christie13 stated is our best bet!
    My husband LOVES to go out and eat and so far I have said no. Just not ready to do it. Surely, when I'm into the real food stage it'll be better.
  10. Christie13's Avatar
    Leslieann!! You can totally go out when you are able to eat solids. My hubby is super supportive with ordering things that I can eat with him. It makes it super easy and makes me a super cheap date!! LOL. Remember to drink some water when you first sit down and then stop so there is time before you get your food. Let's face it....protein and veggies are on most menus with no problem.
  11. Hotrodgirl's Avatar
    This is by far the best post I've read! Christie13, you are hilarious! I love your analogy and will definitely be using it!