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5 more days.... possible TMI

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5 days out from surgery, 4 days from leaving for Mexico; alone.

I've been seeing people post about the Couch to 5k program (C25k) a bit lately and it's gotten me thinking about how NOT possible that is right now. I wish my back and knee would let me do the C25k program!!! I think once I've lost a good amount of weight those types of activities will become possible again. Sure, I may still need to wrap my knee, use a ton of IcyHot and pump myself full of Tylenol... but it'll be POSSIBLE!

For the first time in my life I am HOPING my period comes REALLY late this month... I am supposed to start the day before I leave for Mexico; which will mean being on my period for travel down, surgery, post-op (trying to deal with period while I have 5 surgical wounds on my abdomen... ouch), AND my flight home. Oh god... PLEASE let me skip my period due to stress or some such this month!!! Please. Please.

Aside from those things my mind is now deciding it's time to REALLY start planning/packing for my trip. Actually packing, not just talking about it. I need to pick which suitcase to take, which if any carryon to bring, and actually PACK them.

So far here's what I will bring:

Birth Certificate/ID

Heating pad
Extension cord
Lip balm
Slippers (slip on Croc slippers)
Flip flops
WARM socks
4 loose/comfy outfits (one that is warm/layerable for travel back home)
My big giant oversized black sweater (fits like a bathrobe)
Toothbrush & toothpaste
hairbrush and hair ties
My aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner (weather changes dry my hair out BADLY)

GasX Strips
Bone Broth powder (for travel days, airports are harsh on clear liquids I think)
Pill Crusher (for crushing pain meds OMW home, etc)

Kindle Fire
Cell phone and charger
MY pillow (can't imagine getting stuck with a crappy pillow the whole time I'm there)

Yep, I think that covers my packing list. Here's hoping I can get all of that into my small carryon sized suitcase LOL... Because my medium one just broke on my trip last month and my large one is... very large.

Random thought that hits me at weird moments throughout the last few days..."Am I crazy for doing this? Can't I just continue on the pre-op diet and lose all the weight and NOT have to have surgery? " And my answer to my self, "You're not nuts. If you could have done this any other way you would have by now, and the pre-op diet is NOT sustainable long term and would be really unhealthy".

5 more days... Wow.

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  1. Pam G's Avatar
    Don't forget about the size limits on things like the hair conditioner....
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    Sounds like a good packing list to me. Hope you can get it all to fit. Are you going down there by yourself?
  3. Ambersnewlife's Avatar
    Good luck you will be great!
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    You could go to CVS and get all your liquids in travel sized,(or get the small containers) that will help for the liquid requirement. Since I travel often I have several bag of toiletries ready in advance with tiny everything packed in one quart size ziplock bag.
    Look at https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-...g/liquids-rule
    Also unless you are already fluent in Spanish, you could get the translate app ready on your phone, I was so glad to have google translate at the hospital since I'm not fluent in Chinese...
    And just in case I would also pack sick bags and wipes for the way back.
    Good luck!
  5. BelleKreyol's Avatar
    Sounds about right. I just received my travel toiletries kit from Amazon. It has everything from travel size shampoo to swabs and lotion. I'm right behind you. Safe travels!!!
  6. griz9112's Avatar
    Yes the translate app is helpful. But usually there is someone around who can assist I had the same questions. I'm I doing the right thing? Well I'm here and it's done glad it's over so I can relax and start my weight loss journey! Good luck!
  7. TarotAces's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone.

    Yes, I'm going alone. Thanks for the google translator app tip! I'll be sure to download it before I leave.

    Feel free to throw advice or tips my way, all are appreciated. <3