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Operation McSkinny Jeans

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Day 5 Post-op

The day started well. My pain was MUUUCH better. I know I said I was going to shower on day 4 but I ended up not feeling up to it. Today I did though! I had the energy and minor pain level so I not only showered but enjoyed it until all the hot water ran out! It,.. was heavenly.

I felt so great that I ended up driving, shopping, doing a lot of walking etc. I wanted to make up for lost time because until this day I have not been getting around much and feel I am greatly behind in my walking.

Dun, dun, duuun. I must have over did it. I'm back to being bedridden with the same pain from days 3 and 4. Son of a,... dumb, dumb, dumb.

This is embarassing to confess but I'm hoping that those that go behind me learn from my mistake(s).

Something else to note. I haven't lost any weight in these 5 days. I weighed myself today and was very much surprised by that. I don't know if I am eating too few calories and my body is hold on to my poundage or if it is because I've basically been bed ridden during this time,... I'm just starting to look into that but I am VERY discouraged by this discovery.

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  1. jamma's Avatar
    Sometimes when I think I should have lost weight, I don't. Then I remind myself to get in all my protein, more water, some exercise and.....voila! A weight loss. Laying around and not eating do not make you lose weight. My nutritionist told me to exercise, but not too much. She didn't say how much was too much, but I think it's individual; enough to feel good but not to make you starving. Good luck, it'll all come together!
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    The weight loss will start and stop. Being fresh out of surgery you may have some additional fluids from surgery, especially since you have not been able to walk around much. Remember that this is a process. Don't compare yourself to anyone else either. You'll lose weight. Are you taking any kind of supplements? I know some people feel week and tired after surgery but I would think by day 5 you should feel a little better. What have you been able to drink protein wise? I was already taking my B12 gummy supplements by then to help with energy. I probably only drank 1 protein shake a day but was also getting some bites of creamed soup made with milk. I think your body may not be getting enough nutrients and that is why you feel so lethargic. I hope you find your energy soon.