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5 days into Liquid Pre-op diet

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I've dropped 11 pounds in the last 5 days!!!

I have 10 more days of the liquid diet to go before my surgery date. I am required to do a 10 day pre-op high protein liquid diet; I think it's so long because I have a high BMI (51 ish). I decided to start early and will be doing the pre-op diet for a total of 15 days. I've been aiming to keep my carb intake VERY low (20 grams) to help my liver shed the glycogen more easily by going into Ketosis. Today would have been the start of my liquid diet if I hadn't started early. So these 11 pounds are BONUS loss

I expected this to be more difficult than it is. The first few days were harsh for me, mentally. I am VERY lucky that I have such a supportive family/household. They tried not to cook anything in the house that would fill it with delicious smells, and ate their biggest meals out for the first 2 days. That said, the first few days were still a bit difficult but only because I wanted to have 'real food' in my mouth; I pouted a bit but after the first few days it was MUCH easier.

Here's what I've been 'eating' these past 5 days, and for the next 7 (then I move to clear liquids only):

1.5 Cups black coffee with a packet or 2 of Stevia

2 scoops Isopure whey isolate low carb protein powder (Chocolate, mixed with 12 oz water)

12 oz Crystal Light mixed with 24 oz of water (diluted it for taste preference AND for less carbs) AND/OR 12 oz beef/chicken broth if I want something hot to drink

2 scoops Isopure whey isolate low carb protein powder (Chocolate, mixed with 12 oz water)

1 small Tilapia fillet cooked in a SMALL amount of olive oil, served with a teaspoon of lemon juice sprinkled on top (recommended as 'dinner' for my protein/liquid diet by my surgeon)

2 Cups sugar free jello OR 1 sugar free Tropical flavor Popsicle

A cup of hot herbal tea before bed (no sweetener)

Anyway...I've been averaging approximately 800 calories and about 20 grams of carbs and have been dropping an average of over 2 pounds a day. It's nuts. I am LOVING it as a motivation to keep going though.

The down side? I think the lack of calories, or nutrients really since I can't take vitamins these last 2 weeks before surgery, combined with all the physical activity I've been pushing myself to do (unpacking and organizing an entire 2 bedroom apartment) in the last week has lowered my immune system and I noticed the night before last that my sinus' were stuffing up and my throat was starting to get a bit sore. I am prone to sinus infections from having been a smoker for 30 years (I quit last year, give or take a couple short term stints of stress smoking).

Well, yesterdays final push to finish the unpacking and get everything stowed before I go to Mexico REALLY drained me and I woke up this morning KNOWING that I definitely have a sinus infection. Stuffed ears/nose, soft palette is funky, throat is irritated and my uvula has a twin hanging from it. GROSS! I'm fairly certain that if I go to the doctors office they'll want me on antibiotics, so I need to find out from my surgeons office what to do about that. I'll be messaging WeightLossAgents to ask later this morning.

I'm lucky that I don't have to worry or consider functioning at a job while doing this liquid diet. My mind has been a bit scattered this past week. I'm sure that's partly from the lack of calories and nutrients, and partly from the stress and unconscious anxiety of the upcoming surgery. I haven't been sleeping all that well either, and that part I'm certain is due to my brain going over a multitude of possibilities as I lay down at night. Not being able to shut my brain down makes it take hours to fall asleep. And, on top of that, all these liquids I've been taking in make me have to get up and pee a couple times a night. Once about 3 hours after I fall asleep, and once about 2 hours before I need to wake up. I'm sure the broken sleep isn't helping.

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  1. Cherub's Avatar
    You sound focused and really on the plan to make the most of pre surgery. It will serve you well! All the best to you.
  2. Christie13's Avatar
    I also thought the pre op diet was going to being impossible. I only had to do it for 9 days and the last 3 of them were to be only liquids, absolutely no solids. But I found it easier since I knew I had to do it or risk not getting surgery. So I did it with very little problem. The only thing is that lack of real food gave me thrush. I ended up needing a rinse from the doctor to get rid of it. And 11 lbs!! You are rocking your pre op. Your taking on 5 extra days of pre op is absolutely inspirational. You are going to have no issues rocking your sleeve!!!
  3. TarotAces's Avatar
    Thanks Cherub and Christie13!!!

    All good words appreciated. I am really trying to make sure I keep the right attitude about my upcoming sleeve and your kind words help for sure.

    8 more days... wow. (Still not sleeping worth a crap; excitement, anxiety, nervousness is still effecting me).