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Operation McSkinny Jeans

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Day 4 Post-op

I am feeling better today! I continue taking pain medication every 6 hours, alternating between the hydrocodone and tylenol. I also continue taking the nausea medication as well as omeprazole for gas and folbic to help prevent clotting. I've got my compression socks on and belly support. I totally do not look like a 'grandma'. Totally.

I'm going to take my first post-op shower today. DON'T JUDGE! I have not felt up to it until today.

Pain-wise, I definitely feel better. I am even out of bed today, sitting on the couch like a real human being. I think it will all be down hill from here, in respect to the recovery process. I knew it,... I've got this.

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  1. DesertGal's Avatar
    You're on your way!
  2. Jpmlvm's Avatar
    Bagawk, We hear you, what I say is that some people, either forgot, or don't want to remember Post Op days 2, 3 and 4. They are a test for you. Can you handle it, of course you can!!!! Very soon you will be up and about walking your cares off.... We all were there!! It made our resolve stronger!!! Keep on it........ J
  3. Leslieann's Avatar
    Way to GO!!!! Each day you're feeling stronger!!!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Awesome! You got this. It just gets easier and easier every day! Sure there will be some rough days but overall it does truly just continue to get better. You got this!