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Operation McSkinny Jeans

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Day of Surgery

Here we go!


I have a friend come with but she leaves after my IV. I'm laying there for an hour waiting with nerves of steel. I probably look pathetic though,.. all alone. Who does that? Me that's who! TADA! Nerves of steel, nerves of steel. *bow*

My surgeon comes in for Q&A as does the Anesthesiologist. I impress upon them both that I have history of nausea and vomiting following general anesthesia and it is planned to takes measures to prevent that. That is my only concern about the surgery. The Anesthesiologist gives me something to relax.

I'm wheeled into the op room and asked to scoot from one bed to another,.. with an IV stuck in the crook of my arm. Blerg! I've got this. I've got this.

It looks like an alien spaceship in here and there are many aliens in the room. None are looking directly at me and they're all dressed in scrubs. Predictable disguises, hmphf. I think they're up to something. I bet they want to snatch my body (body snatchers!), yeah that's it.. or maybe the drugs are kicking in. One steps up to me and whispers in my ear,.... "Ms. McSkinny Jeans, I'm blabbity blah blah,.....zzzzzz" Nap time!


I wake in recovery and ask how long I've been out. 2 hours. Concentrate,... concentrate,.. is there any nausea? NO. Is there any pain? NO. Good deal. Thank you Dr. Blabbity Blah Blah.

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