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Operation McSkinny Jeans

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Pre-op Liver Reduction Diet

Yeah I cheated. Yay me!

Day 1 of liver reduction, I did very well,... until I got home and smelled my favorite dinner. I'm doing this entirely on my own without anyone knowing (Negative Nellies!) and knowing that those around me will not be compassionate enough to change my environment in any way to make this easier for me. After all,.. all I have to do is "just don't eat it", right? phfft

I'm disappointed that I gave in and ate some green beans and potatoes but I'm proud that I stopped at no more than 1.5 cups of it. Overall, for the day my entire caloric intake was significantly less and there are 13 days to make up for this mistake. I weighed in on day 7,.. lost 6 pounds,.. all is well. Nice save!

Days 2-10, I stuck to the diet without fail. Or did I?

I weighed in on day 10,.. early due to the holiday schedule and have not lost any more weight. I discovered that I have misunderstood the protein shake instructions and have been mixing them with soy milk instead of water! Oh. Em. Gee. I have 4 days to follow instructions and lose 4 pounds, ideally, since my goal is a 10 pound weight loss on the liver reduction.

Day 14 of liver reduction diet, 10 pounds lost. Whew! I did it.

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