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7-Month Post-Op update

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Hola from Guate!

I'm heading home tomorrow after spending two and half glorious weeks in my natal land. It was five years since I was here last, but it feels so much like home. Last time I was here I gained like 10lbs, this time I actually lost a few.

I had a few "O.ops" eating moments when I had forgotten completely about my surgery and those alarms in my gut just started going off when something just didn't feel right. I ate lots of hearty "caldos" or meat and vegetable stews which are very common here so it made it easy to order when eating out, or at family gatherings.

There's been lots of walking, hiking and sightseeing here, and I ate a bit of everything, but with caution and staying aware of potential slippery slope foods like "tamales" and "pan dulce!" Luckily none produced uncontrollable eating triggers, in fact as mentioned it was the opposite as my 7-month old tummy was particularly sensitive.

Weight loss continues to slow down, but I'm down to 175lbs finally! If I'm correct, I've lost 4lbs each of the last two months. I'm wearing 10 in some clothes and 12 in others, but definitely a M in tshirts, pull up tights and sweats. I'm seeing the leaner and healthier me emerge in the mirror and in photos more and more. I'm not stressing about weight or eating as obsessively as I was, but I definitely continue to practice mindful eating and keeping an active lifestyle (though I miss my gym sessions which I hope to restart in January).

I saw my therapist a few days before Thanksgiving and we talked about a few potential eating triggers and some helpful stress management strategies that have come in handy specially having have stayed so close in proximity to my mother for the last week of this trip ( )

I still try very hard to stay hydrated and take my multivitamins daily.

Well, that's it for now... no major worries or changes just living the new normal.

I want to wish all my Sleeve family a blessed and wonderful end of the year celebrations! May intentions for the upcoming New Year become actions and realities.

Health, healing and blessings to all y'all's!

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^ at Semuc Champey after some cave climbing and some river tubing
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^ climbed 100+ wet and slippery steps to reach church with my daughter

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  1. czorin's Avatar
    Congratulations on your journey! And thanks for the warning / reminder about triggers.
  2. Mrs_Wine's Avatar
    You look great! Congrats.
  3. elle77's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing.
  4. SouthernDreamer's Avatar
    Do it!!
  5. Christie13's Avatar
    Happy 7 months!! Glad to hear you're doing so well. Great job continuing to work your sleeve!! Happy holidays!!
  6. blackjac24's Avatar
    Congrats!!! You look amazing....