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Day of Surgery

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I met the Anesthesiologist, and 3 of the Surgical nurses; everyone seemed professional, courteous, knowledgeable...and had a sense of humor. I guess they need it to keep so many people from various backgrounds calm.

Once my procedure was completed, I vaguely remember answering some questions in the "waiting room", and climbing into my bed at the hospital.

Within 3 hours of my procedure, some women from my group were walking the halls. No, I wasn't being a weenie-man, I had my gallbladder removed as well, and My Queen (my wife is an RN, BSN) said to wait 6 hours :-)

I never felt the pains, nausea, throat tightness, or burping spells that some of the others on my hall were experiencing, and for that I thank G-D!!!
Also, Dr. Mario Almanza and the surgical staff!

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  1. Christie13's Avatar
    Glad your surgery went smoothly. I had pain and nausea directly after surgery but only for about an hour. Then it passed. But that first hour I was hoping I hadn't made a huge mistake. I just slept a lot off and on. I'm sure there were pain meds in my IV. I'd say I walked about 5 or 6 hours after surgery. Mostly because I was so tired. My dad had his gall bladder removed when he had gastric bypass back in the late 80's.