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Well.......drumroll for myself....I am 299 lbs today. So excited. Can't recall the last time I was under two hundred.

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  1. Cherub's Avatar
    I meant I can't recall when I was under three hundred. That's how excited I am I can't even think straight and I typed the wrong word in my post.
  2. Theresa2's Avatar
    Happy for you!
  3. Christie13's Avatar
    Way to go!!
  4. Sandra3's Avatar
    so great!! I'm happy for you!
  5. Nanna53's Avatar
    That's great, stay healthy and keep up the great work
  6. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Continued success!
  7. Cherub's Avatar
    Thanks for all the support. You guys are so great on the forum.
  8. NrseJessie's Avatar
  9. kpikes's Avatar
    Congrats. I know how u feel.
  10. redkcmom's Avatar
    awesome good for you!!!
  11. BAMR's Avatar
    ahhhh that's a good feeling! Congrats on your success and keep on rocking this weight loss!!
  12. TarotAces's Avatar
    I didn't see this until just now.

    Wow! I am soo happy for you What an awesome feeling that must be. Congratulations!!!

    I look forward to similar in my future.