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Its Done!!

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I had my surgery on 11.22.16. So far all is good amazingly. When they first woke me up I felt like death I've never done well with anesthesia always wake up sick so they gave me extra nausea meds before i woke up didn't help 2hrs later finally the nausea slowed long enough for the journey home. I've been wide awake for what feels like hours now minimal sleep. Lots of back pain in guessing it's the gas? I hope the next few days goes just as well as the last 24hrs fingers crossed. I can't wait until I start seeing the results and am finally starting this journey I've desperately have been waiting for.

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  1. Theresa2's Avatar
    Back pain is probably gas. You've heard the solution ... walk, walk, walk!
  2. LoriC's Avatar
    Congratulations! My surgery was on 11.14.16 and I am excited as well! Cheers to a new us!
  3. Ambersnewlife's Avatar
    Yes lots of up and walking around today has helped my back tremendously.
  4. KariVSG's Avatar
    feel better. I had the same discomfort
  5. Sandra3's Avatar
    Back pain located around the shoulders is usually the gas. I also had back pain but it was due to my position on the table, and the hospital bed was also really hard (welcome to Asia!).
    Later I also had back pain after losing a lot of weight...it comes and goes but I do have issues in that area anyway. Good luck and best wishes for an easy recovery!
  6. WANAGL's Avatar
    Sip, Sip, Sip and Walk, Walk, Walk