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Just under 2 months away from my 2 year surgiversary!

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I was sitting at my computer looking thru some old pictures. Wow. Was that really me? I saw a picture of me in a shirt I used to always wear because I thought it made me look "thinner" I knew at 255lbs I was big, but I never felt as big as I looked. Pictures of me with my family....I look like I'm a giant. I'm going make an album in my profile with some pictures. The only thing I miss about the old me is my hair. It was so long and it was thick. Now it's short and thin. It is growing back, I look like I got a hair cut because all the new growth is reaching the bottom of my ears, the rest (which isn't much) goes to my shoulders. I hope to have the new growth reach my shoulders by spring, then I'll cut the longer pieces and even it out. Ive been taking the biotin. It didn't help to keep my hair from falling out but it will help keep the new growth healthy. I started loosing hair at 4 months post op. It kept coming out for about 5 months. It was scary to see so much hair in the drain and hairbrush, got to the point where I braided it and left it in as long as I could, I figured the less washing and brushing the better.
So the past 2 years have been great. I hit my goal weight by 9 months post op. I ended up loosing top much weight. I finally stopped loosing once I got to 123lbs. I needed to gain weight. I increased my calories and carbs and finally got to 130, which I have been maintaining for a few months now. I'd like to be 145lbs. I feel very skinny, my boobs are deflated. I really can't complain about xtra skin, I have a little but it isn't bad at all.
I had my most recent Bloodwork show my Ferritin level very low. My iron was too low. I increased my iron vitamins and now if I miss 2 days of taking iron I am like a zombie. I can, and have, fallen asleep sitting at the table. Since that discovery I've been better at taking my vitamins (before I would forget for a day or two)
I have low blood pressure now, but not low enough to be a concern. I always get the fuzzy head feeling if I get up to fast.
I can eat whatever I want. I have no issues with food. If I don't chew enough, eat too much or too fast I will feel sick for about a half an hour, I get very nauseous, my mouth fills up with saliva and I get hot but I only vomited 1 time since leaving the hospital after being sleeved. (I stayed for 4 days due to vomiting for the 1st 48 hrs)
I really enjoy getting dressed, I love clothes. My husband said to me last week "your like a real girl now, closet full of clothes and shoes"
I used to be a t-shirt/sweatshirt, jean/sweatpants kind of girl. I didn't have much clothes becasue I hated shopping.
I feel great. I walk my son to the bus stop without getting even a little out of breath. I can go on the swings with my daughter and down slides with my son, I can even go thru the plastic tubes at chuckie cheese!
Overall I am so happy with my decision to get sleeved. Changed my life for the better.

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  1. mrf0418's Avatar
    Congrats! It's great isn't it!!!
  2. Sandra3's Avatar
    I'm glad you were able to regain some weight! I was wondering how you were doing!
    I have been dealing with anemia for ages and it got really bad a few months ago, even with taking my vitamins religiously....I noticed my hair did fall more during that time too. I did stop the biotin because I was growing hair on my chin (three or four but still) and nothing was really changing with my hair...but since my iron level is better the hair situation got better too. I also tried a new kind of iron made from curry leaves it's easier on my tummy (I used to have cramps after taking my iron, but I take like 80mg per day) and from my last blood test I seem to absorb it better this time. It's called "Rainbow Light, Certified Plant-Source Iron".
    I understand how you feel when looking at old pictures....I'm still dealing with the complicated body image...and I'm not even at goal yet...
  3. newclear's Avatar
    Congrats! I'm with you on the anaemia page. Unfortunately, nothing works. Because my prior job was highly specialised, my blood count was important and I couldn't meet the minimum standard. I have to have a bone marrow analysis done before they could buy off on allowing me to do certain work again. My count is still low, but no side effects.

    I had my surgery prior to you and I still can't believe that some of the pics were previously me. It feels like a lifetime ago... such a huge change in lifestyle overall. Hope you'll meet your new weight goal. Thanks for sharing.
  4. bangieb's Avatar
  5. seecshrink2017's Avatar
    You look amazing! Congrats!!
  6. manzerick's Avatar
    Such a great life change. I also will often see old pictures, and think I am the "giant".

    So much so, I will struggle to find myself in pictures these days. The good ole "look for the biggest fella" doesn't work anymore.

    Great work!! Welcome year 3!
  7. kenson's Avatar
    Congratulations! It's great to see an "old timer" still doing well!
  8. Merry Mary's Avatar
    Congrats on another year of a healthier you! What fun it must be for your kids to be able to play with them rather than watch them.
  9. Muted_Tummy's Avatar