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Body dysmorphia....it's getting better!

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I'm 9 months out, lost around 90 pounds since my first consult...for the last few months I couldn't figure out what was my size or if I would be able to fit in between those two tables at the restaurant. Losing so much and so quickly kind of made me lose my internal compass.

I spent most of October in Indonesia (Bali). They have the best spas and I did a lot of massages...(it's really cheap). Mostly lymphatic drainage. The result has been amazing! It's the best way to reconnect mind and body. It did help also to shed some of the water retention...the weather is still hot over there...and to give some care to my tired muscles, I did walk lot.

I do feel a huge difference now, I can "see" my size and I was able to squeeze into small spaces recently without even thinking twice about it. It's a big improvement.

For those who think they can't afford massages, try to get in touch with a massage school. When I lived in AZ I used to go to Phoenix College, they had a waiting list but a massage was only 20$.

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  1. KariVSG's Avatar
    i know its going to be tough
  2. Greatest decision ever!!!'s Avatar
    Congrats Sleeve buddy!! It does take a while for it to sink in! I am 126 lbs now, I know that I have lost a lot of weight because I can feel it, I am now wearing a size 4 in jeans which I know for sure I'm a 2 but won't shop for 2 just yet. I am an XS in tops. I reconnected with an old friend, I've always thought she has a nice body, pretty petite. I was so surprised to find out she weighs 125 lbs, we are the same height. Funny part is that I feel so much bigger than her.
    So I feel smaller and I am smaller but I don't see me as skinny as people say I am.

    It's a horrible feeling, it's been getting better but not out of the woods completely! Looking forward to feeling 100% of my new reality so I can really enjoy my new life!
  3. Sandra3's Avatar
    [not out of the woods completely! Looking forward to feeling 100% of my new reality so I can really enjoy my new life![/QUOTE]
    Thanks and congrats to you!
    you must be at goal or will be there pretty soon! You did really great!!
    Like you I'm feeling smaller and can perceive my body almost (I think) like it is.....compare to furniture or space....(I know silly), but I still have a hard time to compare with others...I also always see myself much bigger compare to people who are exactly my size! I went from a size 24/26 to a 14/16. It's a big difference, and I'm not at goal yet, still around 40 pounds to lose...I'm hoping I will reach a 12/14.......we'll see... it's not that important, I just want to be healthy first but I just wonder how and when it will feel more "normal". At what size I will be like "ok, good job, now it's maintenance"..somewhere I know in my head I will always be obese...and that knowledge is precious because it's keeping me from eating bad things or just overeat ...but yeah...I was waiting for that special "light bulb" moment : "I know I'm driving a smaller car, the same car my friend is driving"...and it doesn't seem to show up