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Feeling down

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I'm 5.5 weeks post op and feel really irritable and down - someone tell me this is normal and will pass

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  1. barbaradear1's Avatar
    I was the same way at about 2 months post op. I take anti depressants so I went to see my doctor and the changed the type I was on because I don't think they were absorbing properly. It does pass but if it starts to get worse you may want to see your doctor or if you have a therapist to see them. I don't have one so my regular doctor and some alone time has been helping me.

    Keep your head up...and good luck!
  2. Libby8732's Avatar
    Thank you - it's a better day today thank goodness
  3. sraebaer's Avatar
    Not sure, I never felt anything but amazing happiness through this entire process (3 years!). But my psych said depression can happen after surgery, so you are not alone. Could you find someone to talk to? I know my insurance covers therapy. Feel better!
  4. Kindle's Avatar
    I personally never felt anything but joy and excitement when I was losing weight. The depression didn't set in until 2 years postop when I found out life still sucks no matter what size I am. But in general, emotions can run rampant after WLS. Estrogen is stored in fat cells, so as it gets released your body experiences something like PMS on steroids. Seeking help from a therapist is my number one piece of advice if you continue to have issues coping with your emotions. It literally saved my life.
  5. Libby8732's Avatar
    Thank you all so much - understanding more certainly does help xxx