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1week on solid food

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I am beginning week 2 on solid food. I was surprised today that I had lost 1.6 lbs at my WW weigh in. I continue to experience good things as I have not had anything upset my tummy too much. My first day was tuna with a little mayo and pickle relish. I was able to eat the can at 3 separate sittings in one day. The second was an 1 egg omelette with cheese and some turkey sausage ( think ekrich) and it was fine too. Went out of town for a 2 day conference and brought my Jason's Deli cookie home for someone else to eat.
It was hard to only have 1 protein drink to have to get in and so I found I am tired of straight water. I don't like the drops or the powders you mix in so I am having my first diet Snapple peach tea as I just knew that would make my life so much better. Well it is just so so so back to drawing board for fluids.
I tried some orange juice at hotel but did not like the taste at all so I tried an orange. Nope that didn't taste the same either. I had some grapes which were better and tried some pineapple which I usually love and wasn't that bad but not as good as what I remembered. I'll do what some people say and try again in a few weeks.
This week has been interesting and successful in my opinion. I haven't been able to get to gym but 1 time in last 2 weeks so my goal is to get there 4 times this coming week.
I had my 6 weeks appointment on Tuesday and the PA told me I was at the top of the bell curve as to my WL after surgery. That made me feel great as I worried that I would be a super slow loser with a lower BMI . I am loving my WL journey even though it seems I am only losing weight in my butt and legs. I truly have to go buy new underwear this weekend.
I think following the rules have kept me successful.

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    I am happy for your 'top of the bell curve' status :-) I hope I will have the same or similar results. Just over 2 weeks till my surgery date and I'm starting to feel the anxious side of the excitement.