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NB's four month check-in...

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Hello All, I got sleeved on July 13th, 2016. I will never, ever forget that date cause it changed my life forever. Honestly, I don't know how I feel about my sleeve. Some days, when I take a couple of big gulps of water after working out and "forget" that I can't do that...or eating something...anything and feeling it enter my sleeve and waiting for it to exit. Trying to gauge whether I'm full or not. My particular weird phenomena of eating something like chicken or oatmeal...something a bit "heavy" on the stomach and instantly getting sleepy like someone gave me some super strong Nyquil...then 45 mins later I'm fine. Constantly thinking about my meals, protein, ounces of water I need to drink, planning my meals, preparing my meals, eating out, parties...........................................

On Feb 3rd, 2016 I went to my first introductory meeting to learn about weight loss surgery. I weighed around 338 pounds and had a waist pushing about 52 inches. I was always athletic so was told I didn't "look" that heavy but....I was. After surgery, I strapped on my Fitbit and decided to "move". I couldn't jog 1 block to the mailbox without huffing and puffing. I hated to walk but I promised myself that after all that pain, removing 85% of my stomach, putting my family through all this nonsense and preparing to retire and hopefully live a productive life after retirement...that I would get back into shape again. 50,000 steps a week the first couple of weeks, 60,000...jogging past the mailbox and making it to the street. 65,000 steps, walking my 2.8 mile loop. 70,000 steps....running half that 2.8 mile loop and 40 pounds lighter. 75,000 steps...conquering the f@*king hill of death by running up it and finishing the 2.8 mile run! 80,000 steps and coaching three soccer teams a week, 70 pounds lighter and lifting 5 days a week. Since I can't eat much, every morsel that goes into my mouth has to have a positive effect on my body. Grapes are my candy...didn't like em before my sleeve...theyre my sugar fix now and I eat a few daily. 90,000 steps a week now, run 5 miles a day or walk for an hour watching Netflix on the treadmill daily. Lift weights directly afterwards and am down 104 pounds since that first meeting in February. My waist size is 36 for my Levis 514 jeans and I'm fit and in shape. My resting heart rate is 52, no C-Pap, high blood pressure and I have zero cravings for the junk food that put me in this predicament.

My life has changed and yes, I love how I've worked my way back to being fit again....I just hate what I had to do to get here. I wished I was more disciplined, that I didn't have to cut my stomach out, that I could eat and drink normally again...but those days are gone and yes, I truly do understand why. I salute everyone who does this process and you have my respect. Love yourself and your body...move, move, move if you can and most everyone can in some fashion or another. I'm gonna start running 5 and 10k's again...I always have to goal-set for motivation. I wanna live many years past retirement, enjoy my family and stay active and fit. I love my sleeve, and I hate it also. It keeps reminding me to stay the course, be disciplined and love yourself. God bless you and yours my friends.....NotoriousBig

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  1. Crisps's Avatar
    The thing I hate about my sleeve is some times I feel starving hungry, I am then very disappointed when I eat 3/4 fork fills and I am stuffed, I think I will always be a very low calorie intake, I try to make every bite count as I still eat so little